Crash (A Jennifer Lawrence Fanfic)

A cousin of Jennifer's parents die in a crash and they leave her in the hand of Jennifer. You decide. Is this girl Jennifer Lawrence's Daughter now or still her cousin? Which one is she considered now?


2. 2

I was crying so hard, I could only hear a few words. The beeper at the hospital was going at a steady pace. That meant that their hearts were beating, but they were still unconscious. I had my teddy bear in hand and kept crying. My eyes turned red, my nose flared, I had red dots on my forehead (I get those when I cry), and I chose not to listen to the doctors. It was to sad to want to hear. I only really listened to the key words that I could pin point. From what I could hear the doctors were saying, "Car Crash... Could be dead... Soon... New parents... Therapist... Days off of school (I was secretly very happy about that one)... Cousin... New parent... Jennifer Lawrence..." So i guess the deal was that my parents were hurt in a car crash and were so unconscious that they could die any minute. In their will there was a slot where they could sign me over to someone they trusted in case they die before I was 18. I guess that they had signed me over to my Cousin Jennifer to be my new parent. That part was way cool! I still had to go to a therapist to get over this emotional trauma, but Jennifer Lawrence was going to be my new guardian. An actor. The actor. The doctor came over to me and shoved her away. I wanted to be alone. Then Jen came in and hugged me. Her hug was so nice and warm. It felt like my dad was hugging me again. It was a hug that I thought I would never have, never feel, ever again. I hugged her back and cried on her shoulder. She stroked my hair and started speaking to the doctors. I decided to listen to the conversation. 

Jen-"So, is everything going to be okay with her parents? I got a call from the hospital saying that her parents were in a car crash. Do you know what happened?"

Doctor-"A drunk driver ran a red light and crashed into her parents. They seem to be okay, but they are still unconscious. We have something we need to discuss with you though before the end of the night."

Jen-"What is it?"

Doctor-"In her parents will they wrote down that you would be Reese's new guardian. Did they discuss this with you?"

Jen-"Yes. They did. They told me the Reese loved me like a sister. That part I knew. We were very close. Then they added that because of this, if something tragic should happen to them then they would like me to be her new guardian.  I said sure because I love Reese. I would do anything for her. I already know that everything that they had goes to her and that she would be living with me. If her parents do end up dying, I have everything figured out. I drew up a plan a long time ago incase of this day so she does not get too confused and caught up in my busy, actor schedule."

Doctor-"That is very good. I am glad that you are on top of everything Miss Lawrence." 

And at that moment the beeper gave a solid beeeeeeeep. 

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