A Moment Lost

Maxine and her best friend are going on vacation to England and jesses favorite band is going to be there ONE DIRECTION there is only one thing Maxine is not very fond of one of the members that goes by the name of HARRY STYLES Maxine has met him before and hear many things about him that she didn't like but when she gets stuck on a ride with him her feelings may change even though she promises her self she will not fall in love




 Maxine's POV

                        "OMG ITS NIALL HORAN FROM ONE DIRECTION" Jess shouted. we did not see that coming I turned around to look at jess and we both gave each other the same look. I was expecting harry to be at the door.

                           " So what's wrong why are you at my door" I said


                            " Is your name Maxine" I nodded." Come with me" he grabbed my hand and started sprinting back to were i just came from now i feel how jess felt when i was dragging her.

                             " Why are we here I said OH MY GOD" I fell over the top of Harry's body. His body was covered in blood he was moaning. I was wondering how he found out my name I never told him until i heard someone whisper behind me I'm hear for you. I quick turned around to see Ryan standing there. DID YOU DO THIS TO HIM"

                          " YEAH" Ryan replied in a proud way.

                          "Why the fuck would you do that you ass whole. his fist came up towards me as i caught his fist in my right hand and punched him in the face. He fell to the ground and spit on him Fuck You i said with a disgusted tone. I fell back to harry and lifted up his head wresting it on my leg and i was rubbing his back. Harry's eyes were starting to close and I started crying don't go and i kissed him on the lips before his eyes closed slowly. I felt him smile a little. the ambulance came and took him away I was taken away from the police along with Ryan. they made him sit in a chair in front of me and let me ask him anything because he wouldn't answer the police. "Why did you come here and then beat Harry up?"

Ryan's POV

                    "After you left I couldn't help but think about you every minute of the day. I miss you. I wanted to see you again. So I had ran way from home to come here. I found out what hotel you were staying at from the hotel people. I broke your door down because You weren't answering . You weren't home so I decided to go to the carnival because I heard that one direction was going to be there and knew you would be there with jess since she loves them. I looked all over for you. But then I saw people crowding the Ferris wheel they were all girls and they said the Ferris wheel is broke harry from one direction was  up there and so was some girl I saw jess looking up but I didn't see you next to her and knew you were up there. So I decided to go in the fun house because it goes high up so went I traveled to the very top I could see you two clearly. I saw everything. he kissed you and you ran away after you were able to get off the ride. so I made my way toward harry and that Irish fellow and I beat him up because you are not allowed to have him we have something special."

Maxine's POV

                     " well not anymore you are such a dush bag I hope you go to prison you ass." i stood up and slapped her in the face and she had a huge red mark on her face and tears came out as the police rushed in and took him away. I rushed to the hospital to find harry lying on the hospital bed looking so discolored and fragile. I sat next to him and put my head on his chest with my arms rapped around him. Maybe I did like him I have never felt so sad for someone before. I felt his hand start shaking so I held onto it and then I felt him grip it and say I really like you a lot I stood up and ran through the door he's awake I shouted the doctor came in and said I had to leave. they are doing tests on him to make sure he is ok to leave the hospital. I Was waiting and waiting for the doctor come out. It was about 20minutes later when I saw harry again they said he needed blood or else it may be possible he would go into coma so I donated my blood we hade the same blood type. After I had fell my blood taken I feel asleep in the waiting room. I woke up the next day and Harry was walking towards me and I stood up to give him a hug. He had broken his arm and had a burse on his cheek so I kissed it. Harry looked at me then smiled." would you like to be my girlfriend" I whispered back I'm pretty sure you know the answer. he nodded and said well I'm guessing that's a yeas and kissed me on the lips. This time I kissed back.



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