A Moment Lost

Maxine and her best friend are going on vacation to England and jesses favorite band is going to be there ONE DIRECTION there is only one thing Maxine is not very fond of one of the members that goes by the name of HARRY STYLES Maxine has met him before and hear many things about him that she didn't like but when she gets stuck on a ride with him her feelings may change even though she promises her self she will not fall in love



Harry's POV

                   I woke up in the hotel remembering where I was. I got up slowly from the bed and went into the bathroom. I came out and started getting dressed then made my way down stairs I assumed that the boys were down there getting breakfast cause they weren't in there rooms. I was right so I sat down with them as I heard Louis say "wow you are a heavy sleeper, we through pillows and stuff at you so you would wake up and nothing happened" I laughed cause I did wake up I just didn't open my eyes and went back to sleep.

Maxine's POV

                 Me and jess woke up around the same time. I slept pretty good so it was no problem for me getting up. jess was looking through that paper about the hotel and she said they serve breakfast." maybe we will see one direction eating breakfast down there wouldn't that be great." I replied with a yes if one direction made her happy I wasn't going to ruin it by talking bad about them. I threw on some black sweet pants that had jack wills name going down the side and a white tank top it was cold in the hotel. jess came out of the bathroom in a really cute outfit looking as if she was going to a party. she was defiantly trying to impress one direction because she thinks they will by there. We made or way down stairs and into the dinning area were they were serving breakfast. I was standing there when jess grabbed me close to her and whispered in my ear."omg look behind you its one direction. I turned my head and it was true I just turned my head back to her and said so what."so what they are the hottest boys on earth what do you me so what you are crazy max." I didn't want to be near jess when she freaked out so I walked away going to get breakfast it was a buffet I walked past four of the one direction members one was missing I barley even paid attention , not caring that they were here. I was walking away from the buffet when my legs fell back and at that moment I thought oh god I'm falling how embarrassing when I felt someone turn real fast and catch me. thanks I said and went on with my business. I put my tray down then my jaw dropped when I realized who had just caught me harry styles. That dush, ew I thought he just touched me and I freaked out. I ran to the bathroom because I had food all over me gross, I thought good nothing fell on my favorite sweet pants.

Harry's POV

                    it was so weird I mean I'm glad she didn't freak out like a lot but she didn't even freak out a little she didn't even care that I was Harry Styles part of one of the most famous boy band one direction its like she had no clue who I was. her sweet pants had jack wills on it it was funny because I was wearing a jack wills sweet shirt. she was pretty too which made it worse I was hoping she would try to kiss me or at least hug me.


                    it was almost time to perform at this carnival just around the corner. I could actually hear the girls screaming from in the hotel. we all started walking toward the limo and got in. I talked to them about what happened with that girl this morning.

Maxine's POV

                        me and jess are getting ready to go to this carnival right around the corner. I put on a pear of dark blue skinny jeans with gray boots and a staples tight lace backing shirt. my hairs was down and straitened. my bathing suit was under it, I bought a British flag one it was also strapless. jess was wearing almost the same just a different shirt. it wasn't really hot down in England plus there will a breeze while on the ride.

Jess's POV

                    I got really excited because one direction was going to perform but I didn't tell max cause I knew she wouldn't come if I did. when you walk in the first thing you see is a stage with screaming girls around it screaming for one direction. Maxine looked at me like she was going to pull out a gun and shoot me in the face." are you fucking kidding me jess real cute you bring me here with you so you can go to a one direction concert and leave me going on rides alone I'm not staying here watching them" she said in a really mean way. "yeah pretty much now go" I said upset I didn't want her to stay anymore.

Harry's POV

                    I got out and rushed back inside I forgot my phone the driver didn't notice me get out so he left without me. shit I said to myself I started running to the carnival knowing the fans were waiting fro us well me. I went through the entrance running through people so they wouldn't recognize me and I wouldn't be late. luckily there was really no one to run into I quick looked back for second then it hit me literally I just had ran into a girl. I was on top of her and I felt so bad she was hot I brushed myself off and then asked if she was okay she just nodded and I helped her up and then ran off and on to the stage as girls started screaming loud.

Maxine's POV

                     my head hurt a lot it feels like I had just banged it against concrete oh wait I did that boy Harry Styles ran right into me like what the fuck. what ever no big deal but I have been thinking and now I feel bad I called jess selfish yet I am the one being selfish we are here to hang out as bff's and she likes one direction ,so what if I don't, that doesn't mean I have to ruin our time together. god I feel like such a jerk but she still should have just told me. I went to go find her and I apologized. we made up she said it was fine I didn't have to stay she had met some boy while I was gone he was gay and he was so funny and nice so I went and bought three wrist bands one for me the other two for jess and her friend. I think his name is Ryan oh god Ryan it made me sad but I just shook my head ,don't think about him. the concert was over so the three of us decided we were going to go on the Farris wheel all three of us we got on line and guess who was there one direction the order of the line was Liam, Zayn, Niall, Louis, Harry, Me, Jess, and Ryan. Liam and Zayn went on ,Niall and Louis went on then harry went on. the guy was motioning me to harry. I told the guy I was going with them two pointing behind me he said only two per seat and grabbed my arm sitting me down. I looked at jess and she mouthed oh well and laughed at me and shrugged her shoulders. I said back fuck you but out loud at harry gasped."Oh please like you haven't heard the f word before and I rolled my eyes." he looked at me and said oh ok then" with a really hot accent but I still think he is a dush. I laughed a little and then he smiled at me and I looked away staring in the opposite direction. I laughed again and made a joke in my head. I was staring in the opposite direction one direction ahahaha funny. I could feel him starring at me he sighed. I kind of felt bad but what ever. he was letting people get off when we stopped at the top I jumped into his arms. He laughed" are you afraid of heights" I laughed and said sorry. "For what "harry said. "for jumping in your arms". " I don't mind he said and smiled". see I told you he was flirting with me what is wrong with him. I saw the guy pushing the button to move us down but we weren't moving. oh god I thought.

                         " I'm sorry but there has been a problem with the ride just stay there." your firkin kidding me right now I'm stuck hear with this dope not to mention we are still at the very top. SHIT I yelled out he laughed again I punched him on the arm he rubbed it "ouch"

Harry's POV

                       I was sitting with this girl it was awkward but I was wondering why she wasn't freaking out about me just like the other two girls I saw today, one in the hotel that I caught, the one I ran into, and this girl. she was really hot, well at least her body was she hasn't looked at me once. I wanted to make a move but I felt like she hated me and that was the first. it made it worse when I looked down in to her lap she was unlocking her phone and there was a picture of this guy it had writing on it I think it said RYAN IN ALL CAPS AND A HEART. It made me feel bad. I asked her "oh who is that". oh the lock screen its my friend he set that and I never took it off I just kind of left it there it made me laugh when I opened up my phone." I got really happy.

Maxine's POV

                        Harry had a big smile on his face. his hand came down and was just resting on my thigh I looked at him with a weird look like what the fuck look but he wasn't even looking his hand was just casually laying there. I laughed very low he didn't hear me. I put my hand under his so I can move it off when he stopped me from moving my hand and held it. I felt like I was going to throw up it made it worse when I looked down. I quick let go before I seriously threw up and took it off my leg. he looked at me I say as I was looking forward in the corner of my eye. my shirt kind of made my boobs very showy. I saw him looking down my shirt I elbowed him saying what the hell. he looked at me and asked what was that for I didn't do any thing. " you were looking down my shirt I could see you." he kind of blushed a little and said oh in a low voice. I smiled at him to make him feel a little bit better then he smiled back." your such an idiot I said out loud I didn't mean to say that,I was turning my head away from him I felt hands grab my face and soon enough he was kissing me.in my head I was saying he is so hot omg and his accent then came back out of day dreaming and pulled away as we got off the Farris wheel I grabbed jess by the wrist and dragged her all the way home I was sprinting. I think she had trouble running so I slowed down. I was out of breath when I got home and slammed the door closed then slid down the wall putting my face in my hands. I took of my cloths and grabbed my surf board. Jess ran after me saying why are you so frustrated. she was my best friend so she knew what I did when I was feeling mad or frustrated. just leave me alone. she did she went inside. how rude of him I thought to myself while surfing a perfect wave. what a jerk I didn't kiss back I didn't even like it. well maybe I did I don't no just because I liked his appearance and kiss didn't mean I liked him as a person. I went inside and told jess what happened she kind of freaked. I was still in my bathing suit soaking wet laying on he couch. there was a knock on the door me and jess looked at each other waiting to see who would open it. I got p knowing she wasn't going to move a muscle. I opened the door and my mouth dropped as jess yells out  OH MY GOD.






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