Niall's Princesses (COMPLETED)

Ava and Niall are both 20 years old, they have been dating for almost 5 years.
But everything is about to change.



A/N Just trying this out, let me know what you think of it! Also follow me on twitter ; @kabbakara




@NiallOfficial; Missing my fav girls. Love you lots @avatheoneandonly


@avatheoneandonly; We miss you too, love you @NiallOfficial


@Louis_Tomlinson; We get it you're in love, get a room. @NiallOfficial . @avatheoneandonly


Retweeded by; @Harry_Styles , @Real_Liam_Payne , @zaynmalik


@avatheoneandonly; Awww is it too much for you boo bear? @Louis_Tomlinson


@Louis_Tomlinson; ....... @avatheoneandonly


@avatheoneandonly; thought so.. @Louis_Tomlinson




@Harry_Styles; @GemmaAnnieStyles surprised us on tour today! She wants you to come so does the rest of us! @avatheoneandonly


@avatheoneandonly; Wish i could xx @Harry_Styles @GemmaAnnieStyles




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