All or Nothing

Can a simple phone call change your life? In Aurora (Rori for short) and Amelia Carter's case, it can. Rori Carter, already a household name and eighteen, gets offered a movie deal that she can't not accept. Little does she know, she's doing a movie with the famous Louis Tomlinson. Amelia, Rori's little sister, is an aspiring singer and only sixteen. To her surprise, she gets offered to collaborate with the one and only One Direction. Will these girls find love and be successful? Or will they end up getting their hearts broken with their careers falling apart with it? Give them all or nothing.


7. Tumbling Down



"Why can't you just read your lines correctly?" I snapped at him, as the car took us away from the airport.

"Why can't you just read your lines correctly?" He mocked in a higher voice.

"Actually, you should make your voice a little deeper to mock me considering your voice is already abnormally high," I said, fake smiling at him. 

"Oh right, considering you have a man voice."

"I do not have a man voice, pretty boy," I snapped. 

"Aww, you think I'm pretty?" he said, leaning towards me, his hands clasped together against the side of his face as he batted his eyes.

"Oh yeah. With longer hair and a dress on, you'd be totes gorgeous," I smiled and nodded my head. Then we both rolled our eyes at each other and looked away.

"Will you guys shut up?" asked I think his name was Harry, as he flicked his curly hair away from his face. Louis and I stayed quiet for the rest of the car ride. He just made my blood boil, and not in a good way. I couldn't even stand to look at him for more than a minute. That was how much he disgusted me. When we got to their house, Mia pulled me aside.

"Can you please play nice? I don't want them to judge me by how you act."

"Wow, thanks for the support lil sister," I said sarcastically, as I got my suitcase out of the trunk. She smiled.

"You're welcome," she said as she practically skipped away. I restrained myself from rolling my eyes.

"Do you need help?" a voice asked as I struggled to get my suitcase out. I looked up and my eyes met beautiful brown ones.

"Uh...Uh yeah. Thank you," I stammered. He smiled as he took the suitcase out and lugged it up to the house. I watched him walk.

"Careful, your blush is showing," said Louis from behind me. I nearly jumped out of my skin. 

"LOUIS! You scared the living daylights out of me!" I cried, crossing my arms so I didn't slap him. 

"You're not Zayn's type," he said, nodding his head towards the boy with my suitcase, "He usually likes the nice ones." I felt myself gape like a fish while Louis walked away into the house. God how I wanted to strangle that boy.

"I am nice!" I called after him. He ignored me. 

"I am nice," I grumbled to myself as I followed after everyone. I caught up with the blonde one.

"Do you think I'm nice?" he was in the middle of eating something when I asked. He just stared at me with scared, wide eyes. I furrowed my eyebrows.

"Never mind don't answer that," I said walking past him into the house. 

"So," said Harry clapping his hands together, "We have set up the guest rooms for you two."

"We put your names on the door!" cried the blonde one happily. He shied away from my gaze. Was I really that scary? 

"Thanks," I said, giving them my sweetest smile as I took the suitcase away from the boy named Zayn. 

"Are you sure you can carry that all the way upstairs?" he asked. Gosh, those british accents were really doing it for them. Except Louis.

"I'm sure I can manage," I said, smiling at him. 

"I'm sure I can manage," I heard Louis quietly mock me. I gave him my death glare. Mia went ahead of me with her light suitcases and I followed after her, struggling to carry mine. All the other boys left into the kitchen or the game room or something. Except Louis. He was standing right behind me at the end of the stairs, watching me go up it with my suitcase.

"I don't need you watching me," I called down.

"I'm just making sure you don't fall. Isn't that chivalrous of me?" he said proudly. 

"I bet you're wishing that I fall."

"Well..." he nodded his head while smiling at me mischievously, "A boy can dream."

"You're a jerk, you know that?" I panted as I carried my suitcase.

"What? Are you getting tired? Suitcase too heavy for ya?" he asked in a baby voice.

"Psh, no. I'm not tired. And this suitcase is as light as a feather!" I called down.

"Then why are you going negative ten miles per hour?" he asked.

"First of all, that's not even possible. The lowest is zero and that means you're not moving," I corrected him.

"Oh we got ourselves a know it all," he called up to me. I was too tired to give back a snarky reply. This suitcase was so heavy.

"Hey, Rori, are you all right?" he asked, with genuine concern. At least he got my name right. I felt myself slipping.

"Oh God," I heard him say. And then I came tumbling down, suitcase and all. I hit a body, and my suitcase flew above our heads. But my head was pounding. And everything was blurring together.

"Rori? Rori? Are you okay?" asked Louis from under me.

"Yeah, I'm fine," I said, slurring my words together, as I struggled to get off of him. I watched Mia run down the stairs, her face scrunched up in concern. The other boys came and gathered around us. 

"I hate bananas," I heard myself say before I passed out. 





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