Love at First Sight

Bailey runs away from her abusive father Tim. A boy finds her and falls in love with her. He will protect from tim no matter the cost and any other dangers. Throughout their journey bad and good memories come back to her while new ones are made. Niall and Bailey seem happy but will that last forever? And what about Charlotte and Harry will they last?


15. Chapter 15

*IM LITERALLY SOSOSOSO SORRY THAT IT TOOK MY SO LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wrote this chapter a while ago but didnt save it so sorry:( also cause I have cheer and homework also my bus ride is an hour long so yeah I don't have so much time but I try I really feel bad:( but yeah love you all:) And im home sick today + its nialls birthday so why not!!*


We have never been out in public together. Not even management knows that we are together. I wish that the paparazzi never found us because the flashes are giving me a headache and I feel like I'm going to pass out. The screaming of the fans doesn’t help. Niall must notice that I'm about to pass out.


“Are you okay?” He asks.


I shake my head. He wraps his arm around my waist and pulls my in closer to him. I bury my face into his chest and cover my ears.


“We can eat our food in the limo.”  Niall tells me.


I nod even though it wasn’t a question. After we all get our food packed up and hop into the car I let out a sigh.


All the sudden all of our phones are going off like mad. I look at my phone and its blowing up with twitter updates, I assume the boys and Charlotte’s phone is too.


“Well I think we should all turn off our twitter alerts.” I say.


We all laugh and begin to scroll through twitter. My follower count is going up by the second. I'm getting all these mentions so I decide to read some of them. There are some really nice tweets.


@Biallforevers: @BaileyFaun OMGG Niall and you are so cute together!!


@1dfromthestart: @BaileyFaun and @NiallOfficial are so cute #BIALL or #NAILEY


There are so many more nice ones. I think it is funny how they are already coming up with ship names. There are also lots of mean comments.


@NiallerAllDaWay: @BaileyFaun gosh you’re so ugly, why would Niall even date you?!


@AntiBailey: OMG SERIOUSLY NIALL YOU COULD DO SOOO MUCH BETTER!!! I mean @BaileyFaun is ugly and that dress does not help.



My eyes started to tear up there was so many hate there was some that were even about me and Charlotte. But my question is how they found us so quickly on twitter. I look up at Charlotte and she looks upset too. The boys must have noticed our sad expressions because they both pulled us into a big hug. I nuzzled my face into Niall’s chest.


“Want to know something that you can use against the fans?” Niall asks.


I look up at him confused but curious.


“You have a member of One Direction.” He smiles.


Niall pulls out his phone and starts typing something. My phone chirps so I pick it up and look at twitter.


@NiallOfficial: GUYS GUESS WHAT?! I have a girlfriend if you don’t know that where have you been?! But which ship name? #Biall or #Nialey hashtag with most trends wins!! Plus please don’t hate on Bailey she is perfect plus I'm hers not yours!



I feel my cheeks redden and I see a huge smile on Niall’s face. I give him a big hug and before I know it we are kissing. I pull away quickly even though I didn’t want it to end. I can feel my cheeks redden even more than before. I probably look like I got bad sun burn on my checks. Charlotte gives a look, not a ride look but I funny ‘oooo’ look then she winks. I and Charlotte burst out laughing and they boys join in. We talk about anything and everything then all the sudden we are home. I noticed that when I and Niall kissed Harry had a sad look in his eyes but yet he looked guilty of something.

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