Tourin With 1D!

My name is Alli Jones and I love to sing. My principal thought I should go on XFactor,so that's what I did. Who knew I'd be touring with THE One Direction?


2. Why this song?

Alli's POV

I decided I would try out. I was backstage of the Xfactor stage when I heard the girl ahead of me walking off stage crying,and they weren't happy tears. One of the guys said it's time for me to go on. I took the mic and headed to the X to stand on. I couldn't believe I was infront of Demi Lovato,Simon Cowell,Britany Spears,and L.A Reed. Woah! " Hello sweety what's your name?" Britany asked me. "My name is Alli Jones." I said. "What a beautiful name."Demi said. ''Thanks." i replied. "What will you be singing for us today?" Simon asked. "I am going to sing Concrete Angel by Martina McBride." I said. "Wow,why such a sad song?" L.A asked me. "Because I am abused and bullied and it explains my life." I answered. I started to sing but after I sang the first 5 words,the audience was already giving me a standing ovation. I started to get tears in my eyes because this song brought me pain and because of what was happening infront of me. After the song I said thanks but it came out as more of a whisper. "Wow..."L.A said."I've been through the same thing you are going through."Demi said. "I love your voice but such a sad song."Britany said. "I love your voice." Simon said. "I think it's time to vote."Simon said. "Yes" Demi and Britany said together."Yes"L.A said. "Massive Yes!" Simon said. "Thank you so so much!!!" I said and then walked off stage.

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