Tourin With 1D!

My name is Alli Jones and I love to sing. My principal thought I should go on XFactor,so that's what I did. Who knew I'd be touring with THE One Direction?


5. One Night

Alli's POV

Niall and I were on our way to the cafeteria in the studio when my phone vibrated in my pocket. I unlocked my new iPhone 4S and see what it was. I had a new Twitter follower well a few hundred new followers. But this follower made me scream. It read @EdSheeran now follws you....I screamed and made Niall fall over yelling...oops. "Alli are you okay? What happened?!" he said. "No I am not fine I think I am going to die!" I screamed. Ed Sheeran has been my favorite singer since day 1. I guess you could say I was obsessed with him.. "Why!?!?" Niall said...well yelled at me. "Ed Sheeran THE Ed Sheeran follows me on Twitter!!!!" "Ohhh really? You almost gave me a heart attack!" Niall said. "Sorry I am just so happy I don't think I've ever been so happy!" I said. "Let's just get some food okay Al?" "Okay." I said. We went into the cafeteria and the celebrity I hated most was talking to a red head. But I couldn't see who the red head was since his back was facing me. The Wanted stood there talking to the red. The red turned around and faced me with a BIG smile but I swear my  smile was BIGGER! "Oh my god..." I whispered to myself, "You're Ed Sheeran." I said quietly trying so hard not to freak out. "Yes I am and you are Alli. I am a big fan of yours." Ed JUST SAID HE WAS A FAN....OF MINE!!!!!!!!!AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!  "Hahaha..urm thanks. I am a massive fan of yours." I said. "Thanks. So I know you are making a new album and I was wondering if you wanted to do a duet on one of those songs. Maybe one night we could." Ed just said he wanted to sing with me. It took all my strength not to pass out. "Wait what did you just say Ed?" I said. "Oh I am so sorry if you don't wan-" I cut him off. "No! I want to I really to but you just said one night. That can be a really good name for a song." I said

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