Tourin With 1D!

My name is Alli Jones and I love to sing. My principal thought I should go on XFactor,so that's what I did. Who knew I'd be touring with THE One Direction?


8. Alli&Julie are back!

Allis POV

Yay! Julie and Alli are back! Back when we were in the 8th grade together. Me and Julie always made YouTube videos of us being strange and weird or singing random songs. And now that me and Julie are together again, it's YouTube time! I was settin up my camera when Harry and Julie walked in. " Are we going to do a video lIke in 8th grade?!?" Julie squealed. " yep. " I said popping the P. "what videos?" Harry asked. " here. " I said handing Harry my laptop and searching our old videos. "haha! This is so funny. Why were you standing on Julie's head? Haha!" Harry asked me while laughing. I couldn't help but giggle while trying to answer. " well we were trying to do a gymnastics video. But it went wrong. " I said. " okay we've gotta make a new vid. So come on. " I clicked record on my camera and said :

"Hey! It's me Alli. Well you already k ow that. But look who's back! " I said pulling Julie into view of the camera. "oh and Harry's here too!" I said pointing at the curly haired boy behind me. " hey!" Julie and haz said together. " so I'm not really sure what we are going to do since this was a last minute thing. So urm..." I said trailing off. " GIVE THEM A SNEAK PEAK OF YOUR NEW SONG! " Harry yelled. "haha okay!" I said. 

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