Darkest Hour (harry styles fanfiction)

Miley was an innocent girl thats is just moving from the states to the uk , when she starts in a new school and the bad boy of her school is everywhere and sending her deathly glares. what will miley do about it ?

Its simiar to dark so yea..hope you guys like it its my first movella ..


3. stalked

I was so scared to move then i hear people walking by maybe he thought what i though and he whispered " makre a scene yell i dare you" he said leaning his wheight on my body . Then when the footsteps were gone he looked at me and then started kissing my neck harshly and it really hurted he bit my skin while kissing it leaving love bites and bite marks then his hand make way to my stomach then he makes it to my breast and he gently squeezes it i cant i had enough i push him while he was off gaurd and and ran to the door i made it out and i didn't turn around. The bell rang i missed my 2 period now its lunch time so i went looking for niall and julie and there they were sitting in a table i sat down "hi guys.." "whats wrong"? Asked the both of them in union "promise you'll tell no one" "promise" "that styles kid tried to rape me in the janitors closet" "what!?" They whispred yell "i didnt let him i pushed him and ran out" "now your in trouble" they look at me with sad eyes "what do you mean" "well he gets what he wants and he wants you so hes going to be after you and making your life miserable" they both and got pale and quiet and stare behind me i didnt know what they were staring at but turn around and the styles kid was.right behind me he grabbed my wrist harshly and i felt a bruise forming on it then he looks at niall and julie who are terrified "tell anyone and ill hurt you understand? " he said glaring st both of them "y-es" they both nodded and looked down and looked at me with apologetic eyes i understood they're scared of him so i wouldn't be mad "now for you" he said angrily and pulled me to an empty hallway far away from the cafeteria he finally let me go and i poked my wrist and flinched it really hurted "why'd you run! ?" He yelled at me that frightened me "answer"! He yelled again "your scary and you tried raping me.." i whispered he heard me and slam the wall thats by my head "well if you let me do what i want to you the first time i saw you this wouod of never happen" he said with a sigh and he pulled back from me and just looking at me up and down "you cant just take something that isnt yours.." i whispered he looked at me a bit surprised i said that then he just smirked and came closer "you kicked me somewhere no little girl like you should ever kick a guy and maybe i couldn'thave kids because of you" i just looked at him and was about to say something "so you owe me your precious virginity" "your a cute little innocent girl" he chuckled darkly and he got closer and pinned me on to the wall "you know what i really want now"? "W-what".. "i want you " and with that he kissed my neck and sucked on it i felt a love bite form on my neck "from now on your mine and ony mine" he smirked as he left me alone in the hallway . "Why is this happening to me!?" I whispered yelled i found my way back to the cafeteria and sat down with niall and julie they looked at me and said "what he do to you" "nothing" i said the bell rung and time for the last period i walked to class 1008 and isat by a wwindow in the back of the class and just payed attention until the door opened and everyone heads shot to the doors direction and it was the bad kids in school expect styles wait they're all in my class?.. then they all sat around me two were in front of mt and one was next to me it was a boy with a buzz cut he smiled at me and turned around to take notes while the other two were playing paper basketball. School ended and i went walking home i caught niall on the way and we just walked home together then out of no where we starded a tickling war and we came to my house he engulfed me into a hug i hugged back we said our goodbyes and left i went inside and ran upstairs i changed into my pajama pants and a pink shirt i got on my laptop and did some homework i heard someone knocking "moms home" i said no ones here i kinda forget that its only me and her i opened the door and i see styles i froze he just walked in and closed thr door "how do you know where i live???" "I got my ways" he simply said he walked close to me he tried raping me at schoil imagine what he'll do in my own home i rsn upstairs and locked the door to my room he knocked the door and then banged on it im really scared "open up " he said i did what he said for some reason and then i saw his bloody knuckles i just stared at his knuckles "what happened"? "This boy touched what was mine i had to teach him whats mine " who was it what did hetouch thats yours"? He chuckled darkly "it was this blonde boy and he touched you he must know by now not to touch whats mine" HELLO GUYS WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK ? Sorry for misspelled words im on my phone ;\
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