The Lost Voice

(Another story I wrote on my Ondirectionfanfiction account.)
When Miya's father didn't return from the war,and her mother passes due to depression, she depends on her long time friend, Zayn to be there for her and listen to her as she deals with her grief.


2. Finally...

Miya looked out the window overlooking the rest of the patients who had permission to leave the doors and experience of the summer breeze and the warm sun.  It pained Miya to see all the other patients, between the ages of 60 and 80 walking outside while she couldn’t.  Zayn waltzed into the room, a tray of hospital food on top, with a carton of orange juice.  Miya made a face of disgust as he set the tray down in front of her face.  “I knew you would make that face, that’s why I got you this instead,” he smiled pulling out a bag of Burger King and replacing it with the nasty hospital food that lay in front of her.  Miya grinned and signed a quick ‘thank you’ before chowing into her whopper.  She grinned and looked to Zayn who watched her with a sort of interest, “Have you visited my mother?” she signed.  Zayn nodded, taking a french fry from the bag, “They repotted all the flowers that all the birds ruined, it look beautiful, when we get out of here I’ll show you,” he smiled.  Miya finished her burger and grabbed a handful of fries in her mouth, giggling as a few fell from her mouth.  Zayn laughed and grabbed the remaining and ate them, “Piggy” he joked.  “When will I get out of here?” she asked, her fingers and hands moving wildly.  Zayn wrapped his arms around her waist, “When my apartment is ready,” he smiled, rubbing her arms with his fingers lightly.  Miya turned around and grinned, “You got an apartment?” she asked, her face beaming.  Zayn laughed and nodded, “Yup and you have your own room, balcony and bathroom,” he smiled.  “When can we go?” she asked, getting up and grabbing her things and packing excitedly.  “Tomorrow afternoon? My parents are helping me set up your room, since I have no idea how a girl’s room is supposed to look” he joked.  Zayn got up and hugged her tightly, “Just think, that after a year, you’ll be with me-” he choked, trying to cut his words short.  Miya grinned and hugged him tightly.  “I’ll see you tomorrow morning.  Be safe,” he whispered in her ear softly.

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