To My love....

Carly is a 18 year old girl. Living her own life by herself since her parents died in a car accident 2 years ago. Ever since her parents have died she's been getting bullied by her own friends and she has no one to talk to. Until she meets a boy off of One direction and changes her life. Which boy will she fall in love with? You have to find out in the book "To My love".


2. The Park


I hopped out of the shower and put these cute hot pink short shorts and a gray Hipsta Please Tank top on as well and I decided to put some make up on which was not to much.  I picked out a couple of pieces of jewelry. I put the jewelry on and I was wondering if I should curl my hair or put it up in a messy bun.  So I decided to curl my brown hair and after the end. "I looked at least cute for once." I said as I was talking to my self. I grabbed a purse and put my wallet in and also my phone.  Since  I didn't have a enough room in my purse I had to carry a book the whole time but it didn't matter.  So I headed out and started to walk to the park.  When I finally got to the park I sat down a bench and started to read twilight which was my favorite book.  After I got finished with my 18th chapter I started to walk home until I walked into someone and made me drop my book and lost what page I was on.  "thanks to you I lost my spot I was reading," I said which I was trying to find my page. " I'm so sorry." as he said and I could tell he sound so familiar I looked up and he had brown curly hair and beautiful green eyes and I couldn't believe my eyes.  "Its fine" I said to him and then started to walk off until I heard him yelling at me saying "wait".  I turned around and there he was be hide me and he gave a slip of paper and he said his name was Harry Styles. " I'm Carly Harris," I said back. I hope I will see you soon, love" he said with his cute accent.  "Yeah I hope to see you too," I said smiling.  "I love your shirt" he said.  "thanks!" I said blushing.  I left and when I got home I opened a slip of paper harry have given me from the park. which said:

Hello love, um I was wondering if you would like to hanging out with me and the other boys from my band. Also here's my number for you! <3 555-555-555

 - Harry.

I closed the piece of paper and smiled. I could not believe I am going to hang out with one direction the worlds biggest boy band.

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