To My love....

Carly is a 18 year old girl. Living her own life by herself since her parents died in a car accident 2 years ago. Ever since her parents have died she's been getting bullied by her own friends and she has no one to talk to. Until she meets a boy off of One direction and changes her life. Which boy will she fall in love with? You have to find out in the book "To My love".


10. Razor Blade!

(Author's Note: Hey guys! I haven't updated for a while so I'm going to upload some more new chapters and on that hand on going to add some secrets and more drama to the book that I did not add to the cover of the book.)

*Niall's POV*

While I was in the car going to the store, I saw Carly running home in a dress and I was wondering why she wasn't with Harry at the Restaurant with him but them I saw her crying while I drove past her and stopped the to call Harry and see what he has done now.  As I dialed his number I started to call and he answered the phone on the second ring.

"Hello? Niall what do you want!?" he said.  "What happen to you and Carly at the restaurant?" I asked nicely.  "Um.. well she thinks that I kissed the waitress while she was coming back in the restaurant from getting her from the car."  "WHAT! You kissed another girl!" I said shocked. 

"No its not like that the waitress kissed me!" he said trying to explain.  "Then why did you not move back then?" I said while I was wondering. " I tried by I was trapped in a corner then Carly saw me kissing her!" he said. "Oh well you should explain that to her because I saw here crying and running home and it sounds like that you don't want to be with her and you should probably text her to make sure she doesn't do any thing dumb." "Um.. ok I will text her and try to call her." he said after he hung up the phone call.

*Carly's POV*

I walked In my bedroom to get my things to take a bath since I just wanted to relax and get it off my chest what just happened.  I took off my clothes to hop in to relax, so I decided to turn on some music and U.N.I by Ed Sheeran.  I started to listen to it and good song until I found out it was a sad song and started to cry.  The worst part of the song was...:

So am I close to you anymore,

if it's over and there's no chance to work it out..

That's why you and I ended over U N I and I said that's fine,

But you're the only one that knows I lied.

As I got worst, the song ended and I didn't want to hear another song that was sad and I said crying that I loved him and he didn't even love me.  I threw my phone to a wall and cried more as then I saw a razor.  I took it as I turned my wrist I started to cut my wrist deep.

I took the razor blade and cut me four times, one for my parent that had died, the second one was for being bullied at school and the other two was because of Harry. The last two cuts was the deepest and then I knew blood started coming out of my wrist and filled it up with blood in the tub and my hand went over and started to drip blood outside of the bath.

my vision started to be blurry and my eyes shut and after that I didn't know what happened.




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