Imagines with One Direction(:

this is my first one and i know it sucks but if you want to help me write some please let me know and if you want just request it and ill try my best to make one!


2. Imagine for Adrianna

  After you were done teaching people to paint, you walked to the park. You usually walked because you liked the outdoors and you didn't want to ruin the planet even more. You had the feeling someone was following you, but every time you turned around no one was there. You decided to take a different way just incase someone was following you. The only other way was down an alley and it was kind of dark.."oh well everybody around here is nice and friendly. Everyone knows everyone around here." you thought to yourself. You turned down the alley way and saw this teenage boy being surrounded by screaming girls he seemed to be freaking out. You ran up to where the screaming girls were and pushed your way through.

"Excuse me" you said as you made your way through the crowd, ignoring the dirty looks people were giving you.

You finally reached the boy. You needed to get the crowds attention so he could escape. You took a piece of paper out of your sketchbook and wrote a note to him.

The note said:

"I will distract the crowd so you can get away. I'll give you a signal which will be obvious. If you would like you can meet me at the park nearby." 

You gave the boy the note and he read it and nodded at you. You looked around for something to stand on. Finally you spotted a crate that would be able to hold your weight it would maybe make you 6'1.

"Omg what am I doing what if these girls are crazy and will attack me?" "but I need to help that poor boy he looks so scared." you said talking to yourself.

You hopped up on the crate and took a deep breath.



"oh my goshh really we need to get them!" you heard people saying.


The boy took that as the signal and he ran out of the alley way. All the screaming girls went even crazier and ran to find the mcdonalds. You ran after the boy and went to the park.

"I doubt he'll be here but he might be." you thought. 

You sat down in the grass by the pond and opened up your sketchbook and started drawing the scene in front of you. 

"You draw?" you heard a British boy ask.  You quickly turned around and hid your drawing. 

"yeah I do.."

"thanks for that back there you saved me! Your drawing is good!"he said a he sat down beside you. 

"Oh no problem and thanks. I wouldn't have seen you if I didn't think someone was following me." 

"That was really brave of you"

"Your very pretty..what's your name love?"

"Thanks" you said blushing "Its Arianna but call me Ariel...what's yours" 

"Zayn. Are they really giving backstage passes out?"

You laughed,"No theres not even a McDonald's a mile away. It's sad how gullible people are." 

He started laughing,"So you lied just to save me." 


"Why would you do that for me?"

"Umm..err...I dunno" You said shrugging. 

"You like me don't you?" he said while smirking.

*laughs* "What makes you think that?"

"I dunno...maybe the fact that you helped a complete stranger. I could've been a rapist after little children like you especially in an alley." 

"Well girls we're surrounding you and you seemed to be freaking out. And I definitely didn't see you with any candy or a white van. So I doubt your a rapist." 

"Ahh...quite observant aren't you?"

"Well I am a artist. After all I do teach people how to draw and paint. You might think its boring though."

"No I don't think it's boring. Can I see your sketchbook please?"

"Well I don't really show it to people I don't know. Especially in public where anyone can see them." 

"Please?!" "I'll buy you some food!"

"Well I sure do love food."

"But you don't have to buy me anything!" "Umm...wanna go some place where there's not many people?"


"We can go to my house. It'll be nice having someone over for a while since I practically live alone. It can get lonely."

"Why not? I would love to. But your house will get mobbed when people see my car."

"We don't need to drive. I usually walk. Come on let's go!" 

"Haha okay." He helped you up and he held your hand while walking to your house. You tried letting go of his hand but he kept on grabbing it.  

"Can you please let go of my hand?"

"Oh...yeah...sorry." he said blushing.  You just laughed and said thanks. 

"Well here's my house it's not very big and it's probably messy."

"That's fine my house isnt very clean either." 

"Come on and make yourself comfortable" You say as you opened the door.

"Oh my gosh!" "Did you paint the walls and pictures that are hanging up?!" he asked amazed.

"Um yeah! Every once in a while I'll paint the walls again so I can change the designs on them." 

"You are an amazing artist!"

"Why thank you!" "So I guess you want to see my sketchbook don't you?"

"Yeah if you don't mind."

"Here." you said handing it to him "Well I'm going to go get something to drink and eat. Want anything?" 

"No thanks!"  You left the room to go to the kitchen you could hear him saying "Wow" and "Amazing" You sat on the counter drinking your juice box.(haha who doesn't like juice boxes?) and Zayn walked out in the kitchen with your sketchbook. 

"It was AMAZING!" "I've never seen anyone draw so good! Do you think you could teach me?"

"*blushing* Awehh thanks! And of course you won't even have to pay. And I'll offer you two options since what happened earlier. You can either have classes with all the other people who have already been in the classes for a while. Or you can start from day 1 with one on one classes."

"One on one please. And why can't I pay you?"

"Because your different from the rest and your really nice and sweet. Not bitter like most of the people I teach." 

"Aweh thanks" he said smiling. 

"No problem" "so what do you want to do?"

" games or watch a movie?"

"Sure." You jumped down from the counter and led him to where you keep your movies and games at. "Pick any one you would like!"

"You have so many." "Wheres all the scary movies?"

"Well about that I don't watch scary movies because I live alone and I get scared really often especially when I'm watching them by myself. But theyre over here." you said opening a different cabinet.

" about this one?" 

"the Conjuring? Sure if you want to stay here with me tonight so I'm not freaking out!" you say joking.

"Well of course I would!" 

"Okay then...." You put the movie in and turned it on. "Want any popcorn or candy and a blanket?" 

"No thanks."

"okay we'll I'm going to go grab a blanket feel free to eat anything you can find!" you say as you walk to your room and pull your blanket from your bed. 

"Think fast!" you say as you throw it on him. 

"HEY! I'll get you back for that!"  "Oh you will? Well see about that."  You go into the kitchen and grab your big bag of gummy bears and some popcorn. 

"About time your back!" he says laughing at your bag of gummy bears.

"Well sorry" you say plopping down on the couch. You cover your self up with the blanket prepared to bury your head in it.  The movie started and everytime someone popped out or when someone screamed you hid in your blanket and screamed. While he sat there laughing at you.  


"There there love" he says while patting your leg like your a dog "I'm here to protect you!"  He screams. And hides his head in your blanket.

"I thought you were going to save me from the ghost?" 

"I am!" 

"my face just got cold!" 

"Mmhmm then why did you scream?" 

"I didn't" 

"Sure you didn't." you say yawning. 

"Awehh someone tired!" 

"Maybe I am maybe I'm not!"

"Well I probably should go home."

"No you don't have to its dark outside and your car isn't here. You can stay if you want to."

"you sure?" 

"yeah cause tomorrow will be your first art class if you have nothing to do tomorrow."

"Okay thanks. And no I'm not doing anything tomorrow."

"Okay good!"  You lay your head on his shoulder and he puts his arm around you. You eventually fell asleep in his arms. You felt safe and warm in his arms. You felt protected. You woke up and looked at him sleeping. He looked so adorable. He reminded you of an angel and a little kid when he was asleep.  Being careful not to wake him up you got up and walked to your room to grab another blanket for him. You walk back into the living room and cover him up. He woke up. 

"What's wrong?" he asked you. 

"Nothing I'm just covering you up and if the couch is uncomfortable you can sleep in my room."  

"But where are you going to sleep? With me?" he said sleepily. 

"If you want me to I will. If not I'll sleep in the guest room or on the floor."

"No sleep with me love."

*smiling* "Okay come on let me show you to the room." you helped him up and led him to your room.  "Sorry for the mess. And it probably smells like perfume in here."

"It's okay love. And it smells like you in here"

"Haha so you were smelling me?"

"!.....okay maybe I was but you smell good okay!"

"Haha you smell good too." you say as you climb into your bed and turn the light off. "Night."

"Good night love." he says as he kisses your forehead.

*skipping night* 

You wake up before he does, so you decide to go to the store and buy donuts and stuff to make cinnamon rolls. You left him a note just in case. 

Note: Zayn,  I'll be back ran to store to pick something up for breakfast. Feel free to watch tv, take a shower, or anything you feel like doing. Just stay outta my dresser.   Love, Ariel<3

*skipping car ride and store*

You got back home and realized he still was sleeping! So you just threw the note away. You put the cinnamon rolls on a tray and put them in the oven.

"I probably can draw a few pictures before he wakes up." you thought.  You went into your art studio and sat down at your desk. You started drawing a picture of Zayn sleeping. You were smiling while drawing it. 

"So now you're drawing pictures of me?"

You quickly turn around. "Gosh! You scared me! And haha yeah because you look adorable when you sleep." 

"So you're saying I'm adorable." 

"Come on I made breakfast."  He follows you to the kitchen.  "Cinnamon rolls are in the oven. They'll be done soon. And the donuts are over there." He just stares at you smiling.  "Zayn are you okay?" 


"Okay then." you grab two plates and fill your plate up and sit at the table eating. Zayn quickly follows behind you.

"Thanks for letting me stay. It means a lot. And thanks for not freaking out when you saw me." 

"No need to thank me." you say with your mouth full. He starts to laugh at you.  "What?! I'm hungry!"

"I can tell"  The oven goes off and you get the cinnamon rolls out.

"want any?" 

"well of course!" he says while grabbing them. "and when are we gonna start the class?"

"Whenever you feel like it. If you don't want to have class today we can do it tomorrow. I'm open all day tomorrow except for a 6.00 class."

He decided to have the class tomorrow. 

A/N: Sorry I had no idea how to end it. I might change the ending later. c: Hope you like it -Bree

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