Don't Tempt Me

I had everything going for me until my father died when I was 11. He tucked me in, he kissed my forehead, he gave me hugs, and he was my number one supporter. Now all I am is a bad girl. I used to be a good girl like the ones I would make fun of now. I don't care what people think of me wearing those short shorts that showed my smileys or wearing those low cut shirts that made it known that I had boobs. I hear them talking in the halls sometimes in my way to class. Comments about me weren't always bad. And there is no way in Hell my reputation could ever be turned around.

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8. What are we?

Maia's POV

When I finally found a pair of shorts and fixed my hair, I walked down the hall into the kitchen. Zayn was already in there sitting down and talking his sister that I saw earlier in the room

. "-she's super pretty, Zayn...But what about, Evelyn?" I waited outside the door, eavesdropping on their conversation.

"I told you that she's just a friend," he told his little sister. So all kissing meant nothing to him?

This was all a mistake ....opening up to people only make you weak. Without thinking I ran out the door and started to walk down a random street. I had no clue where I am! Shit! It was pitch black now, and I couldn't see a damn thing- not even the street names. In defeat, I sat down next to the gutter until I found that it was infested with rats and spilled out more than 10 every 30 seconds.



I turned quickly on my heel and ran away from the gutter down another street that ended in yet another end full of houses. I decided to walk around some more. It doesn't even matter if I stay up late....there's nothing really to go home to. Moms probably hitching a cab right now to somewhere I don't even know....too bad she's a lawyer that fraternizes with her customers. She's such a hypocrite "make good choices" how bout do as I say not as I do type of thing. That's the thing I look to her, but she's doesn't even  respond to it. I came across a park and sat on one of the swings that was on the play set. 






Zayn's POV


What's taking her so long? Maybe she needs my help? I smirked from one cheek to the other side. I could feel it. After looking everywhere, I realized she wasn't in the house anymore. What happened? I need to go find her! She can't just leave...


It felt like I was driving forever through a bunch of black until I came across the old park that I would go to when I need to think. And where I usually sit to think was a girl on a swing. I parked the car and walked up behind her. I knew she knew I wasn't here...she seemed zoned out. I started pushing the sing a little more than it already was and then a little harder each time. She turned her head and looked away quickly. I took the opportunity when she stopped the swing to wrap my arms around her waist and pull her off the swing into my chest. She suddenly elbowed me in the gut and kicked out of my reach. I suddenly panicked.

"What are you doing?! What's wrong!??!!" I ran after though the high, uncut grass.

"Leave me alone! Go home!"

I finally caught at her shirt and we both fell and tumbled over each other in the grass until I was on too of her.

"Babe, I said what's wrong? I didn't ask for permission to leave."

"Babe? Ha I just met you are you kidding me? I can't do this! You heard what your sister said about me but yet you are in a relationship with Evelyn. You are an a-"

"What are you talking about? Evelyn? Evelyn's my ex and a very obsessed one at that..."

"I don't believe that bullshit. Your sister seemed very serious - like you were cheating," she looked me right in my eyes.

I swore I told her the truth but she's  so stubborn. I just want to shake her. She makes me so heated...I just want want want to 

She started to punch me and kick at the ground to get me off of her. I went in and kissed her. She suddenly stopped and became frozen from my reaction. Her fingers started to slide down my shirt and my hands were on her waist. I kissed her knuckles and forehead. I gave her small butterfly neck kisses.

"Please, promise me to never leave like that again," I looked straight in her eyes.

"No," she said shakily.

"What I said isn't a choice. It's a demand."

"I don't know if I can." She started to cry into my shirt. I heard her slightly whisper, "I don't think I will ever be able to love..."

"I already know that I will always love you, baby," I stuttered, "will you be mine?"

she shuddered under me and shook her head rapidly and kissed me with all the passion that I'm pretty sure she had.

The rest of the night we both sat and watched the stars  but one of them always seemed to glow brighter than the rest of them and I found myself  my eyes wandering over her the whole night even when she fell asleep. 

I carried Maia  to my car and drove back to my place. I placed her on my bed, set up pillows and blankets on the ground for myself, and kissed her on the forehead. 

"Goodnight Love"




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