Lily. A beautiful picture, that is until one day, Saturday, her world got smothered in black paint. Abandoned, afraid... alone, how will she get out of this alone, alone and a half.


2. Time

"Here comes the plane," Lily said as she waved a spoon full of banana at a chubby, redheaded toddler. He refused. "The plane will crash if you don't open up,". Still, he refused. Lily looked around her mothers kitchen realising that it was a wasted effort. She sighed. How did she end up like this? Trapped in a swarm of responsibilitys and purpose. If that was her purpose. What ever happened to the pretty, popular, prom queen? The one known as a 'beautiful painting'? She sighed again, is there really a difference between Prom queen and... mum, or not?

She stood up and looked down at the unwanted pile of responsibilitys. A tear swelled up in her eye. This was not her purpose, and she knew that.

"Lily, you've got a phone call" screamed a voice from up the stairs. Scared and confused, Lily walked up the stairs to where her mother stood. Who could it be? She never gets phone calls. "Lily hurry up, or the sweet man on the other end will hang up!". She reached forward towards the phone and picked up the smooth device. It felt cold in her hand as she lifted it up towards her ear.

"H-H-Hello," Lily stuttered, "It's Lily speaking."

"One hour, coffee shop, seven, table seven," creaked a deep voice from the other end of the line.

"What?" Lily questioned, but soon after she had said it she realised the man had hung up. She looked towards her mother, "Wrong number."

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