Me or the Band

sequel to 'Forever Lost' (read that one first) this book is bound to have more drama and stuff. continue the best (haha not really) lives of Robin Hill and Niall Horan.


14. trapped

Robin p.o.v.

Harry was dragging me away. "No!" I yelled and broke free and ran to Lou. He hugged me even though I knew he was in pain. "Robin we have to take him to the doctor to make sure hes ok." Liam said walking into the room. The paps are outside the house like 24/7. If they see us leave they will follow and the news will spred. "Fine." Lou let go of me and got up... and sat back down. Yup Niall did a number on him. Harry and Liam helped him up and we all went to the car except for Zayn and Niall. 

"And how did this happen?" The doctor asked. Oh god. "He got into a fight with a friend." Harry explained. "Well he will be sore for a couple days. I recomend him not moving to much so he should stay in bed." I lit up after hearing that. More movies! Louis on the other hand didn't like the idea that he couldn't do anything. "Lou that means more movie days!" He smiled. 

We went home and Lou was in his bed, trapped.


Louis p.o.v.

I wasn't aloud to move unless I had to go to the bathroom. "Hey." I called over to Robin who was about to walk out of my room. "Yeah?" I motioned her to come by me and she did. "Stay with me." I said weakly and she just smiled at me. "Fine Boo-Bear." She got under the covers with me and I pulled her close. She forgave people very easy, then acts like nothing happened. "Can we watch a movie?" I asked. She got up and went over to the stack of movies. "What movie?" "Something long so you can stay." She just rolled her eyes at me. After some digging she held up a movie. "How about the 'The Green Mile'?" "Oh my gosh yes!" She put it in the DVD player and ran back next to me. I need to go through my movies and get rid of some. I guess thats tomorrow's project. 



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