Me or the Band

sequel to 'Forever Lost' (read that one first) this book is bound to have more drama and stuff. continue the best (haha not really) lives of Robin Hill and Niall Horan.


5. The band and goodbye

Niall p.o.v.

~2 weeks later~

We were back at the house and everyone was there even Paul. 

You have to pick one Niall. The band or her.” Paul said. Everyone was staring at me so I said the first thing that came out of my mouth. “The band.” The boys and Paul had true smiles unlike Robin hers was fake I knew it. “Good decision.” Paul said with a straight face. He got up and patted my back. “Better go pack we leave for London tonight.” Liam said heading to the door followed by everyone else.

“Robin I’m so sorry. I was under a lot of pressure so I just said the first thing that came in my head. Maybe because I was looking at them.” Tears were forming in my eyes. But Robin was crying. I always cause her to cry, always.


Robin p.o.v.

"Its ok Niall, its best for you anyways." I said trying to remained calm but it wasn't working out to well. He got up and went to his room. I did the same,but I went to my room. About an hour later Niall came out and into my room. "Well I ought to be going to the air port. You wanna come?" I got up and we walked down to the door. "I hope you have fun on your trip." "Yeah same here. But I don't want to leave." "Niall this is a big oppertunity for you. Go I'll be fine." I said louder then before so he could hear me.

We arrived at the air port with the rest of the guys waiting. "Niall we have to leave now!" Zayn shouted at us. He was about to kiss me when I made probably the biggest mistake of my life. "Niall we need to brake up." "W-what why?" "Your going to be gone for over a year and girls are going to be all over you. When you come back your moving to London. I just cant handle that, I'm sorry." You could tell he wasn't up for it. I mean the braking up but it had to be done. "Oh.." "Goodbye Niall I'll see you on TV." and I walked to the exit. 


Louis p.o.v.

I watched as Robin broke up with Niall. And she was right, girls are going to be all over us and we are living in London. Eleanor, my girl lives in England so I can see her a lot. "Hey sorry man, but shes right ya know." I said to Niall while getting on the plane. "I know shes right but I love her no one else." "Niall you go back to Mullingar for a week after the tour. Talk to Paul and Simon, see if she can move to London with you." They would say no to me for a fact. But who can say no to our little snowflake.


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