Me or the Band

sequel to 'Forever Lost' (read that one first) this book is bound to have more drama and stuff. continue the best (haha not really) lives of Robin Hill and Niall Horan.


11. swimming

Robin p.o.v.

"I think you should go talk to Lou." Niall said forcing me up. I went around the entire house until I found him sitting besides the pool I didn't even know was there. "Hey you ok?" Stupid question Robin stupid question. I mentally yelled at myself. "Yeah I'm fine." He answered back still looking at the water. "No your not." I said walking over. I sat down and put my arm around his shoulders. "Whats up?" "I thought I would never have to see her again and then she came back." He lookes up at me slightly. "Its ok now Dani handled it pretty well if you ask me." Louis laughed slightly. "So is she still here?" "No Danielle threw her out." He laughed even more. "Everyones worried about you out there. Except Niall." "Well his girlfriend did run to her best mate's arms not his." I laughed at that. Lou always found a way to lighten up someones mood.

We walked back to the livingroom where everyone was leaving. And I mean everyone. "Where  are you going?" I asked and everyone looked at me. "To the club. We thought you could stay here with Lou. He doesnt need to drink after what happened." Niall said harshly giving me a cold look. I thought he said he was sorry. Lou and I watched them all leave. "Liam better stay sober or they're fucked." Lou remarked. Liam doesn't drink really at all but sometimes he will. If he gets drunk then yeah they are fucked.

"Well wanna go swimming?" "Sure I'll go get changed and try to find the pool. If I'm not down there in ten come help me." I chuckled because I knew I would get lost. "Ok then see you." We walked to our rooms. That is if I can find mine. Niall never showed me. Just like I thought Lou had to come and find me. "There you are. Why arent you dressed?" He asked. I haven't found my room yet. "I-I can't find my room." I said quietly. "Wow Robin wow." He led me to mine and apparently Niall's room. 


Louis p.o.v.

I led Robin to her room and went back to the pool and waited. I cant beilive the guys thought I didnt need to drink. Thats very nice. "Hey, I found the pool." Robin said from behind me. I turned around and my jaw dropped. She was Wearing a bikini that had pink edges and black and white stripes as the main pattern. Oh how I wish she was mine. STOP IT LOU! Shes dating Niall and he loves her. But he wasnt being nice to her when he left so I might have a chance. No stop it! "you looks great." I said and she blushed. "Cannon ball!!!!!" She screamed and jumped into the water getting me all wet so I went in after her.

We spalshed around for awhile till she disapeared. "Robin?!" I yelled. "Rawwwwrrrr!" She yelled coming out of the water and tackling me. I caught her just in time. "Never!" She was amazing and can't forget beautiful. I couldn't take it anymore. I leaned in and kissed her. I knew it was wrong but I had too. She stood there for a second and then kissed back.

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