Me or the Band

sequel to 'Forever Lost' (read that one first) this book is bound to have more drama and stuff. continue the best (haha not really) lives of Robin Hill and Niall Horan.


35. getting over her

Louis p.o.v

"Harry!" I yelled. That curly haired piece of shit was dead. "Lou are you ok?" Niall asked stopping me. Why can't he let me do what I want when I want? He was worried, but I can't tell him or he'll stop me. "Yes, now let me go." I tried going around him but he stopped me once again. "No you're not." Can't he leave me alone? I didn't want him to know. I didn't want anyone to know. It was between Harry and I no one else. Does Ronnie know about this? She is sitting on the couch shaking. Her best friend was leaving because of something her boyfriend did. "What is going on, where is Robin going?" The blonde looked scared now. "Ask Styles." That's  all I said before continuing to Harry in the backyard.


Niall p.o.v.

Well I can't ask Harry since Lou is talking to him. I went out side. Robin was sitting on the steps with her phone in her hands. "Hey why is Louis trying to kill Harry?" I ask sitting down next to her. She doesn't move, her eyes locked on the screen. I lean so I could see what was on the screen. 

What the hell? Louis would never say that. And besides Harry never talked to him while at the studio. The times they were sent, we were all in the studio but Harry. "Help!" Harry screamed. we both looked up. "Shit." I mumbled under my breath. I got up and went to find them.

"Louis, let him go!" Zayn yelled. I started running to the backyard. I gasped. "Louis. Get off Harry." I said. Terrified and afraid to die but I stepped closer. "No he needs to tell the truth!" Liam and Zyan looked at each other confused. "Ronnie!" Liam shouted. She came in the backyard. "Harry!" She ran to her boyfriend.  She tried to get Louis off by pushing him. Damn she was strong. "Niall." Zayn whispered. I turned around. Robin was here, crying. She thinks its because of Louis, but its Harry. She saw me looking at her and ran next to me. I hugged her keeping her close the entire time. We watched them try to pull Louis off Harry. "No he needs to tell the truth!" Lou yelled again. "What does he mean?" Robin looked up at me. Her blue eyes shining. "Harry sent those texts. While Louis, Zayn, Liam, and I were in the recording studio." She looked at the two boys and then back at me. 

"Why?" Was all she said. I didn't have an answer to give. "I don't know." "Thank you so much. " Harry said. Louis was on the ground fists clenched, like he could attack again any second now. "He needs to tell." He whispered. He now looked sad. Just yesterday we had our other situation. Then today this happens. Those two can't ever enjoy their time together. "Harry tell." I demanded. "You need to tell. What you did was wrong." I said, Louis looked at me. "The times they were sent. We were in the studio recording." Louis nodded approving my statement. "Thanks." We looked at Harry. "What did you do?" Ronnie asked walking away from him. "I made Robin break up with Louis today at the studio. They were recording and I was waiting for it to end, I miss you Lou. I never get to hang out with you, and to I had to get rid of her." He pointed to Robin. She was shocked along with everyone else even Louis. "I made her break his heart. I knew it was wrong but I wanted my best mate." "I deal with you all tour. Can't you let me be happy. I love her, and I had to go through this yesterday. Let me be happy." Harry looked at the grass. Ronnie was holding onto Zayn, the boy she was best friends with.


Ronnie p.o.v.

I held onto Zayn for dear life. He was my best friend out of all the guys. Niall was huggging Robin. Louis was looking at her tears in his eyes. Harry advoiding everyone's gaze. Liam talking to Paul. We were all mad at Harry and he knew it. Louis got up and walked towards Niall and Robin. He was weak since I pushed him off Harry and fell on the ground. It looked like he was getting a piggy-back ride to be honest. Niall let go of his friend letting Louis take his place. He didn't look to good in the process. I thought he got over her? Everyone thought he get over her. But by the look in his eyes. He was mad and jealous.

He didn't want to give her up. Niall lied to us. He is just going to make things worse. Why can't he see that Robin was happy. Since Niall, her best friend left and stopped talking to her she was never this happy. Not with Randal, not even with him. Louis matched her perfectly. Louis loved her and she felt the same. Lou hung onto her like she could die any minute. Everyone noticed Niall's reaction. He still liked her. He needed to get over her.

"Niall come here." I called him to my room. Everyone was going to bed. Harry was sleeping on the couch. That was the winning vote. "What is it?" "You need to get over Robin." He looked shocked. We ALL know. "We know Niall." He looked down and his feet. "But I'm forever alone." "No you're opposite." I ment it. Thousands of girls throw themselves at him. He can find one. "Never together?" I pinched the bridge on the nose. "You fucking idiot. No, you can find one trust me. I'll look for you. Just leave before you start to annoy me." I shoved him out and slammed the door.


Harry p.o.v.

The truth came out and now I have to sleep on the couch. No one can trust me. It's on Twitter and everyone like hates me now. My mum is upset. My sister won't talk to me. And everyone else in the house ignores me.

If I get rid of Robin I get rid of Ronnie. I can't get rid of her. Shit. I'm going to have to deal with it. 

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