Me or the Band

sequel to 'Forever Lost' (read that one first) this book is bound to have more drama and stuff. continue the best (haha not really) lives of Robin Hill and Niall Horan.


26. breakups

Robin p.o.v.

~1 month later~

Mine and Ronnie's hearts were breaking. "Robin forgive me." Louis pleaded. "I'm going to say to you what I said to Niall. Me or the band?" I didn't want to but he never spends time with me. Yeah the tour but, ever since Simon gave them fake girlfreinds he couldn't call or text me. And to top that off, since he got home if he wan't to go somewhere those other girls had to go, we couldn't.

The boys were home for two weeks and Ronnie was having the same conversation with Harry. "Robin please, just three more weeks and then Harry and I can break up with them." Tears were forming in his eyes. I hated seeing him cry ever since that one moment when I first came to London. "Answer me." I shouted a little. "I don't want to quit the band but I don't want to loose you." "You don't have to leave the band, you just can't do what they want you to if you don't want to." He looked at me with sadness and fear in his eyes.

"I don't know..." "If you can't answer me then I think we need to take break. Just until you can choose and all of this is over." I said and started walking out. "Wait." Louis said holiding onto my arm. Tears were streaming down his face by this point. It was hard for me to do this but I couldn't take it. I didn't think it would end like this. I shook out of his grip and walked out. "Harry and I are done." Ronnie said crying into my shoulder. "What happened?" "He said that he will always love me and that none of this means anything to him and that I shouldn't worry. I do worry." I calmed her down so I could hear all of it in one sentance. "What about you and Lou?" I cried even harder and hugged her tight. "Shh, its going to be ok."


Harry p.o.v.

"Ronnie this doesn't bother me. Why are you so worried?" "Harry I don't like seeing my boyfriend  walking around town with another girl all over him. You don't know how much this hurts me!" Why couldn't she understand that everything is fine. "Oh my god Ronnie! I love you just get over it!" I snapped at her. She started crying which broke my heart. "Fine. I get it. We are done." What, wait, no! "Ronnie... No!" I yelled at her while she wiped away her tears. She didn't answer me before walking out of the room. Me being my stupid self I lost her. People know me for one night stands. Ronnie isn't like those other girls. I could see myself with her from the moment I met her. She was furious, but she was protecting her friend. I don't want to see her go. I know she won't take me back until everything is over.


Louis p.o.v.

I was crying just like the day when Robin came to live with us times ten. I was more like balling my eyes out. I know Simon and he will do harsh things that know one wants. I want to stay in this band but I also want Robin in my life. For a total of three weeks I have one girlfriend and I hate her. She always wants to go shopping and finds a way for me to pay for everything. Like ' Darn, I don't have enough money (sadly puts it back)'. She does have the money. For crying out loud she is a model! 

I know already that I won't live three weeks without her. I need to stop doing what they say if I don't like it. What Simon is making us do is giving the girls hate, well only Robin. When I said that it didn't work out between us the fans though it was her fault. She has had a tough year with everything that has happened. "You alright mate?" Niall asked coming into my room followed by the rest of the boys but Harry. He was acting better than I was or all three of them wouldn't be here. "No." I wined and they pulled me into a hug, soon joind by Harry. Yuppers he was fine. Even though they broke up. I heard the girls through the door. It hurt even more knowing that Robin didn't want our conversation to end how it did.

"Its going to be ok Lou." "I don't know what to pick." They knew what I ment, mostly Niall since he went through the same thing. "Stick up for yourself. Besides if he gets rid of you he lost what could have made him big money." Zayn said cheering me up a wee bit. "You have three weeks mate, if I were you I would start now." Liam reassured and they walked away leaving me to think. "Maybe it won't have to be that long......" I trailed off. "Did you say something?" I shot my head up looking at Harry. "No." he raised an eyebrow but walked away dropping the subject.


Simon p.o.v.

"No! You can't wait three weeks?" I was shouting at Louis because he wanted to break up with Chanel. "Your lucky I lasted a month. Robin broke up with me by force because of what you are doing!" He yelled back. I have to admit, I was scared of him most compared to the other boys. "Harry and Ronnie broke up." He stated. "I don't care Tomlinson, Deal with it." I snapped. "No I won't deal with it. I am going to breakup with her today when she comes by for her weekly shopping day, which I might add is everyday." "You won't do it." I actually believed he would. I would have kicked him out of the band for not listening to me, but these boys have made me a lot of money so far and this is only their first tour by themselves. I sent daggers at is way and he was sending them back. "I'm doing it." He said low and coldly and walked out. 

"He broke up with me!" My niece Chanel said crying to me. It didn't suprise me. I was 95% sure he was going to.

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