The First Look...

A young girl by the name of Addison is abused by her Uncle. Her parents died after so she had to live with him. Months after their deaths her Uncle started Raping/beating her. Her best friend Alyssa is an alcoholic and a druggie. Addison's life turns upside down when she meets a boy named JC Caylen. They instantly fall in love. Could this be love at first sight? Could this be her One and Only? **Warning nothing to exclipt in here just kissing and drug abuse**


2. Hey LA....Its Really Really Nice To Meet Ya

             After getting there I quickly unpacked and starting walking around the city. I was at a convenient store getting some Arizona green tea, I wasn't looking where I was going and I smashed into a boy. I looked up and said '' watch where your going'' , he said '' I'm sorry let me buy you that Arizona to make up for it'', '' I'm Addison, if you insist, go ahead'' '' I'm Jc Caylen''. I was totally freaking out inside I knew who he was but I never saw what he looked like, He was gorgeous.

     At the register he said '' how did you get here, the only other car here is mine?'' ''I walked'' I said shyly, knowing my parents were supposed to get me one like they said. I started crying. Jc said ''what's wrong, was it something I said?'' '' no, its just my parents died a few days ago and they were supposed to get me a car'' ''awe I'm so sorry for your loss, do you need a ride'' he said. ''sure why not'' I said. Getting in his Ferrari! ''I wish I didn't have to go home, my uncle is kind of a weirdo'' I said.  ''would you like to come to my place?'' he asked. ''sure'' I said. the car ride was short but it was silent too. Not awkward though.

        When we arrived at his apartment, it was beautiful. We went in and sat down on couch. Connor franta walked in and said ''who is this beauty?'', Jc said '' this is Addison'' Ricky walked out the bathroom and said '' hey what's up sista?''. He barely even knew me, but it was still funny. Connor left and Ricky went back to what he was doing. A cute little dog came up to us, I started petting him, ''this is wishbone'' said Jc '' awe  he's so cute!'' ''just like you'' Jc said covering his mouth like he wasn't supposed to say. ''uhm I'm sorry he said I wasn't supposed to say that'' He said, ''its ok I think the same about you''. '' can I get your number then'' he said. I gave it to him and he brought me home.


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