You're Still The One

You know the popular boy band One Direction, so you probably know about their little bromances. They all seem so cute and nice but one bromance stands out. Larry Stylinson. They aren't dating, they are just close...right? But what happens when feelings start to come in their way? People get played and hearts break, but the show must go on...


3. The Truth

                                                              *Louis' POV*

    "Now lad. How do you really feel about Harry", Grant asked. I gulped and fiddled with my fingers for a bit.

     "Louis", he called again.

    "I don't know", I answered nervously. He gave me a stern look and I sighed.

       "It's true, I don't know how I feel for him. I mean I feel happy, safe, loved", I say and shrug as I put my elbows on the desk.

      "What do you like about him", he asked.

    "I don't know. His hair is nice to play with, his smile, his eyes, his flirty ways", I said and found myself smiling as I talked about him. My smile faded as Grant looked at me with concern.

   "If Harry asked you out would you say yes", he asked.

     "I..yes", I mumbled and put my head in my hands. 


                                                    *Harry's POV*

   I looked through the little glass on the door and saw Louis with his head down. 

     "Liam he's crying", I said as I looked at him. 

    "You can't go in there Harry", he replied sadly. 

   "Yes I will", I said and pushed the door open. The assistant and Liam tried to stop me but I barged in and stopped by Louis' chair. 

   "Lou what's wrong", I asked as I ran my hand across his back. He looked at me with red eyes and slowly stood up. 

   "Nothing. I should go meet Eleanor. I'll see you later mate", he said.

     "Why are you crying", I asked as I held his hand from leaving. 

   "I need to go", he whispered and pulled my hand off of his. He gave a glance to Grant and he nodded, he turned back to me and sighed. 

    "But yo-", I started.

    "Bye", Louis cut me off and gave Liam a quick look before walking out of the door. 

     "Keys", Liam asked. I pulled them out of my pocket and held them up, he grabbed them and ran out after Louis. I slammed my hands down on the table and glared at Grant. 

    "What did you say to him", I asked angrily. 

   "Sit down Harry, we need to ask you the same questions we asked him. Then you'll find out on your own", Grant said calmly. My chest heaved up and down with anger as I pulled out the chair and sat down on it. 

   "Do you have feelings for Louis", he asked. My emotions changed almost instantly, I went from angry to worried.

  "No why", I said curiously.

   "Harry we will use the lie detector on you, answer truthfully", he said and raised his eyebrows. Did I like him? 

    "Well less start with this. What do you like about him", he asked again.

   "Um I like his smile, his eyes are great. He was a great personality and he's always so protective and happier around me, I'm the same around him", I say and shrug. 

   "So", he asked.

    "Uh...yes", I answered and closed my eyes.

   "He said the same thing", Grant said and I bit my lip nervously. 

     "Really", I asked. A part of me was happy but the other part was worried and broken. 

    "Yes but we can't have you guys as a couple. Please understand", he said and crossed his hands. 

 "What do I have to do", I asked. 

   "We found you a girlfriend. She doesn't know about you and Louis, she thinks your straight", he said nervously.

   "Who is it", I sighed.

  "Taylor Swift", he said and smiled.

   "Her", I asked with shock.

  "Well both of you are artists on the rise and you both have new albums that just released", he explained.

    "What about Louis", I asked.


   "He has Eleanor", he said and I sighed.

  "But I can't just leave hi-", I was cut off by Grants voice.

    "Don't worry about him Harry, he'll get over you if you show him your not interested", he said.

   "I..", I mumbled.

  "Eleanor loves him. You wouldn't want to be the reason he's sad or broken", he said and I swallowed a lump in my throat.

  "When do I meet Taylor", I asked.

    "You'll be flying to California soon there you will meet her. We'll update you on the rest slowly", he said and I nodded.

   "What", I heard someone's voice. I looked back and saw Liam with wide eyes.

   "You can't just break Harry and Louis up. They are best mates", Liam said.

  "Then today they will switch sections. This way they will forget their feelings faster. Liam move with Harry and Louis can move with Niall", Grant said. 

   "You can't just erase love", Liam argued.

   "Watch me", Grant said and closed his file. 

    "Lets go, we have moving to do", I sighed as I got up. 





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