I've Waited

Harry and his bestfriend Nicole were separated when they were just teenagers but now the finally see each other at the park and catch up with each others life's. Did harry have feelings for Nicole before they were separated, does Nicole have feelings for another boy instead of harry. Like my story and comment for more ideas. P.S. I only do onedirection stories


5. Movies

*Harry's Pov.*

Today was the day I was gonna tell Nicole how I really feel. She should be here by now. Here she is.

Me: Hey Nicole you ready.

Nicole: Yea Lets go.

We found our seats, and sat down. It was cold in there, so I gave Nicole my jacket. She smiled and giggled. She got to pick the movie. She picked a romantic one, which it is fine because this was my chance. There was a kissing scene again, then she looked at me. I leaned in and she did the same but then she stopped.

NO!!! Harry I can't. *Nicole stormed off out of the movie theater*

Wait Nicole!!*I ran off after her*

Harry, im so sorry. I cant. There were tears in her eyes!! Then she ran to her car and drove off.

I ran to my car frustrated and kicked my tires. I got in the car and drove to my flat.

I guess she didn't like me!!! Im now heartbroken. A tear fell down my face, I wiped the tears. I got to my flat and I opened the door. I slammed it behind me. I wonder why she ran off like that though. She must be keeping secrets from me. I took a quick shower and went to bed ANGRY of course!!!!

*Nicole's Pov.*

I didn't mean to run from Harry but, not just him but I was heartbroken. When I drove off I saw his face and it was full of anger. I drove off crying because of it. Im now scared that me and harry may not be bestfriends anymore. I loved harry but I had a date with Jacob. I couldn't just ditch Jacob. I was finally home and I went to bed. I was so angry at myself.

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