I've Waited

Harry and his bestfriend Nicole were separated when they were just teenagers but now the finally see each other at the park and catch up with each others life's. Did harry have feelings for Nicole before they were separated, does Nicole have feelings for another boy instead of harry. Like my story and comment for more ideas. P.S. I only do onedirection stories


9. Jerk

      *Harry's Pov*

           After we left the restaurant we decided to walk home. While we were walking we saw that jerk again.

 Jacob what are you doing here. Nicole says

Im here to get you back from this boyfriend stealer . Jacob says

Jacob walked towards us, so I pushed Nicole behind me.

I am not going to let you take Nicole. you don't know how to take care of her. you just wanted her for SEX so why should I let you take her away from me again. I yelled!!!

Jacob was right in front of me, so I told Nicole to go back in the restaurant.

Go call the police!!!!! NOW NICOLE!!!!!! I yelled at her.

Jacob watched Nicole run then he punched me in the face. I fell back but I got back up and punched him back.

       *Nicole's Pov*

     I ran as fast as I could. I arrived at the restaurant and yelled someone call the police. Tears rushing down my face, who knows what is happening to harry. TELL THEM TO MEET ME AT THE CORNER!!!! I yelled.

I ran back to where harry was. Jacob walked over to me and punched me In the face. I fell to the ground and then Jacob kicked me in the stomach.

That's what you get for leaving me for the douche bag!!! he yelled. Jacob kept on punching me in the face, until the police tackled Jacob and handcuffed him. The police helped me up and harry was on the ground.

HARRY!!!!! I yelled. The ambulance came and picked me and harry up!!!

Why did he have to come back. I said to myself.


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