Have you ever wanted someone so badly? Well that's exactly how innocent, shy Iris McSorley felt about Louis Tomlinson, the bad boy or as known as the jerk of her new school.


3. Chapter 3 (Part 1)


                              As my alarm clock went off, I groaned and got up to turn it off. I opened up the curtains to reveal a small amount of sunlight. The sky was a light shade of blue. I ran down the hall to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. "A brand new start," I said to myself. I quickly got in the shower, got out, put on deodorant, my clothes and perfume. Taking out my curling iron, I plugged it into the socket in the bathroom. I curled my light pink hair as fast as I could into long wavy strands, then unplugged the curling iron. Looking at the clock on the wall in the bathroom I saw that it was 6:30. So that gives me 30 minutes to do my makeup then eat. Alrighty. I went downstairs to the kitchen and ate a banana really fast. Running back upstairs, I opened up the cabinet under the sink and took my eyeliner and mascara from my makeup bag. I quickly applied eyeliner to my top eyelid, sort of cat eye-ish. Then I put on mascara. I ran back to my room to grab my backpack and put my notebooks, house keys, and stuff in it.                              

                "Bye mum!" I said going back downstairs and out the door. Ellie was standing right in front of me with her hair in a messy bun, a short sleeved white Beatles shirt, dark blue skinny jeans, and grey Converse.        

                "Hey Iris, you look pretty today. Ready for school?" she asked smiling at me.                                                                               

                "Thanks, you too. And I guess so," I replied nervously. We walked down to the school's bus stop, waited for the bus to come and got on. "Well here goes nothing," I muttered under my breath as slid into my seat next to the window.                                                                                                                        


                              First period was boring as fuck. The only person I knew there was Ellie, who was also in the same homeroom as me. All we did in Mrs. Thompson's class was go up and tell the class who we were, our age and what we liked to do. And of course, I had to be the first girl to go up since I was new. Let me give you a little recap. It went a little something like this:  

                "Okay, settle down class. We have a new student. Her name is Iris McSorley. She moved here from Lancashire and I'd like you guys to welcome her into our school. Iris, why don't you come up and tell us about yourself?" Mrs. Thompson said. Walking up to the front of the class, I faced a bunch of people I didn't know.                                                                            

                "Uhm, hello. There's no need to say what my name is again because it has already been announced but any who, I'm 17 years old. And I love to write songs and stories every once in a while. You know? It's gets boring every now and then." I said coolly. And to my surprise, people were actually smiling at me.                                                                                            

                "Well thank you Iris, and from what it sounds like I think you should talk to the music teacher about your song writing. We're having a talent show in a couple of months," she explained. "Ehh, me? Singing in a talent show?" I said to myself. I nodded then went back to my seat.              

                              During lunch, after I got my tray, I looked around for a place to sit. I was startled when a voice came up behind me saying, "Hey brown eyes, you can sit with me." Turning around, I faced Louis. Seriously, those blue eyes are killing me. They were full of lust.                      

                 "Oh hey Louis," I said smiling shyly. He smiled back at me with a sexy smirk.                                                                                                                  

                 "Well don't be shy. Come on! Follow me to my table." He said beckoning me over. Walking behind him, people started to stare at me and the room became quiet with whispers and hushes. We reached his table and I was greeted by four of his friends. He sat down next to me and introduced me to them, "Iris I'd like you to meet Harry." he said pointing to the curly haired, green eyed boy. "Zayn," he said pointing to the boy with the black cinnamon swirl hair and brown eyes. "Darren and Jason." He said pointing two other boys. I nodded.                                            

                 "You're the new girl here, right?" Harry asked looking up at me from his tray.                                                                                                              

                 "Uhm, yeah." I replied awkwardly picking up a carrot from tray and biting into it. I turned to look at Louis and he smiled while putting his arm around me. What the fuck, did he just..? Oh my God. Keep it cool, Iris. Keep your cool. "Do you usually sit with the new girls?" I asked playfully.    

                 "No not all the time.. not cute ones like you come around here often." he smirked. "What class do you have next?"                                            

                 "Um, Mr. Adkins for science. You?" I questioned.                              

                 "Ooh, we have the same class. How about I walk you there after this period?" he suggested with a satisfied grin. I looked at the other boys and shrugged. Why not? "Nice." I got up to throw my tray out and Ellie met me at the garbage can. She looked so puzzled.                                                    

                 "Uh, Iris? We were looking for you. Why are you sitting with Sir Dickhead?" she asked.                                                                                              

                 "He wanted me to sit with him at his table. Sure, he's an obnoxious asshat but I wanna give him a chance." I confessed while dropping my plate into the trash. I couldn't tell what her expression was but it wasn't a good one.                                                                                          

                 "Ugh, alright. Good luck with that.. He's not as sweet as he seems." she warned. Dumping her plate into the trash, she walked off. What the hell was that supposed to mean? I wondered. I felt someone tap me on the shoulder and I turned around to face Louis with my purse and notebooks in his hand.                                                                                              

                 "Ready for class, Iris?" he said. I nodded and we walked out of the lunch room with the other kids, down the hallway.


Okay guys so this is only the first part of Chapter. Please don't hate me for not updating His Last Three Words. I've become really lazy and I haven't figured out what to do next with the story. I will try to work on it for my fans :)

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