Have you ever wanted someone so badly? Well that's exactly how innocent, shy Iris McSorley felt about Louis Tomlinson, the bad boy or as known as the jerk of her new school.


1. Chapter 1


                 "Iris, wake up. We're here," my mother said tapping my knee. I opened my eyes and looked out the window. So this is our new house. She and I moved to Doncaster, because of her new job. We're always frequently moving and it's kinda hard for me to make new friends. This is my first time being in the house, Mum had already set everything up for us. I opened up the car door, clutching my suitcase in my hand. I breathed in the crisp, cool air. and started towards the house. "Just go right on in, the door's open. I'll bring in the boxes and stuff." I opened up the door and stepped inside stopping short to embrace the entire house. It was pretty big even though the furniture was already in place. I remember she told me that my room was upstairs on the left so I went up to it. It was a bit bigger than my old room. I put the suitcase on my bed and unzipped it when she appeared in the door way.                                                                                                                

                "You can leave the unpacking to me. Go to the neighbor's house next door on the right side of our house, I think they have a daughter there your age." She said looking at me. I shrugged my shoulders and walked down the stairs, out the door and knocked on my neighbor's door. A woman in her early thirties with light brown hair, and hazel eyes opened the door.  

                "Uh, hello. My name is Iris. I just moved in next door with my mum and I wanted to introduce myself." I said shyly.                                        

                "Nice to meet you Iris, you have a very lovely name," she responded extending out her hand to shake mine. I shook it. "My name's Mrs. Quinn, but you can call me Anne. Come on inside!" she slightly moved off to the side and gestured me to go in her house. The inside of her house was beautiful with modern paintings lining the walls and a red and brown color scheme. It just felt cozy and warm. "Sweetheart, could you come here please?" she yelled. I assumed it was to her daughter. There was a sound of footsteps coming down the stairs and then a girl my age, with wavy dark brown hair and brown eyes walked over to us.                                                      

                "Iris, I'd like you to meet my daughter, Ellie." Anne announced. Ellie and I said our hellos to each other, and she greeted me with a warm smile. "Now Ellie, Iris just moved here and I want her to get to know the area so would you mind walking around with her or going to eat somewhere?"                    

                "Sure I could take her to the Craic.." Ellie replied curiously.            

                "That's a great idea! Introduce her to a couple of your friends while you're there, and grab a bite to eat," Anne exclaimed almost jumping with cheer. Ellie nodded and ran back upstairs to grab her purse then we left out.                                                                                                                        

                "So, Iris where'd you come from?" Ellie asked as we started down the street.                                                                                                                    

                "Well I used to live in Lancashire with my mum and dad before they got divorced," I said. She mumbled an oh and spoke again.                      

                "Any who, in case you were wondering, the Craic is this little "hole in the wall" place where all the kids from our high school hang out at. Think of it like a Chuck E. Cheese but for high school kids." Ellie explained.

                "That sounds awesome," I said. After walking for what seemed like ten minutes we finally made it to the Craic. As we opened the doors and stepped inside it was packed, huge, bright and colorful. A lot of the games and the walls had florescent and neon lights.                                                      

                "Come over here! I want to introduce you to a couple of my friends that go to our high school," Ellie said beckoning me to follow her to one of the tables where everyone was hanging out with their "cliques". When I reached the table, I was greeted by five other people. "Iris, I'd like you to meet Alissa, Leo, Niall, Rio and Liam."                                                      

                "Hey Iris, I just wanna warn you since I know you're gonna start school on Monday, watch out for Louis Tomlinson and his douchebag friends," Rio said pushing her curly blue locks behind her ear. Everyone chimed in in agreement.                                                                                          

                "Oh speak of the devil," Alissa said looking at these five boys that walked towards our table.                                                                                        

                "Sup peasants," one of the boys said. He had a bunch of piercings and tattoos covering both of his arms. I assumed this was Louis. "Hey Eliza, nice ass princess." He said smirking.                                                          

                "Oh shut up, Louis. Fuck off, would you?" Ellie said looking at Louis with disgust.                                                                                                    

                "Oh okay. Fuck me, right? Alright, now who are you, brown eyes?" Louis said holding my chin up lightly. His friend with the brown curly hair whispered to Louis something. "Oh yes, Harry. She's cute indeed. What's your name, love?" he said smiling at me.                                                            

                "I'm Iris," I mumbled shyly trying not to blush.                                  

                "Iris... that's a beautiful name. I'm guessing your new here. Well I hope to see you around in school. But until then," he said picking up my hand and kissing the top of it. Louis looked up at me and smiled then looked back at my friends. "Later, noobs."                                                            

           After he walked off with his friends. Niall looked at me and said, "God, he's such an asshole. Pay no mind to him Iris." But I couldn't. Louis is extremely hot, disregarding his rude demeanor. I kinda wished to see him around in school, too. In fact, I would love it.


AHHHHH. Yay! this is my second story :D tell me what you guys think in the comments below. And don't worry I'm still going to continue to write His Last Three Words.

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