trouble with a capital T

after ending their take me home tour one direction decide to party. perhaps a little too hard for simons liking. after they hit the newspapers for there mischevious partying simon tells them they have to come up with a plan to become more mature. theres only one thing they can think of doing. adopting a child. but when they get 15 year old Jamie Woodley have they bitten off more than they can chew. one direction may be trouble, but trouble is this girls middle name.


4. jail

Louis p.o.v


"hello mr Tomlinson, your daughter is currently being held at kings cross police station. she is free to go when you come pick her up" the man on the phone said. I sighed

"im on my way" I said and put the phone down.

"guys im going to the police station" I yelled

"why?" they all yelled back

"Jamie" I said and got out the door slamming it behind me. before I know it nialls sitting next to me in the car

"I wanna see what shes done" he said and we drove to the police station


"whats she done officer?" I asked

"well she broke into a pet shop and let all the animals free before breaking into a swwet shop taking all the sweets and giving them to a homeless guy at the us stop. she is free to go with a verbal warning once the damages have been paid for" he said. I almost let myself laugh. I have to admit that is quite a funny thing to do

"how much?" I asked

"1000 pounds" he replied. I sighed and got out my checkbook writing him a check for £1000. he took it and left, returning 5 minutes later with Jamie. I stared at her and she staared back before giving me a small smile. I lead her into the car and she followed, she seemed quite happy with herself

"what have you got to say for yourself?" I asked and she smiled

"that was fricking awesome" she replied simply. I niall try not to laugh

"come on Jamie, a tattoo, the petshop, giving stolen sweets to a homeless guy. what in the world made you do this?" I almost yelled. I was almost losing it with her. I just felt like already she was my responsibility and always had been.

"it was fun" she replied simply. by now we had pulled in. I got out my door and went round to her side of the car.

"Jamie. for gods sake. what don't you understand. you're 15. youre pregnant. you have tattoos. you were almost put in jail!" I yelled. niall stared at me. he'd never seen me shout like this.

"well that's just what I do. for gods sake Louis stop acting like my dad. you're not my dad. just because he wasn't there for me doesn't mean you can try and replace him and pretend to care about me" she screamed before running into the house and upstairs. I felt kinda bad. her dad didn't care for her. I grew up without my dad. sure I had mark but its never really the same is it.

"Jamie I do care" I yelled up the stairs.

"no you dont. nobody does." she yelled. I heard a door slam and faint sounds of sobbing came from upstairs.

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