trouble with a capital T

after ending their take me home tour one direction decide to party. perhaps a little too hard for simons liking. after they hit the newspapers for there mischevious partying simon tells them they have to come up with a plan to become more mature. theres only one thing they can think of doing. adopting a child. but when they get 15 year old Jamie Woodley have they bitten off more than they can chew. one direction may be trouble, but trouble is this girls middle name.


5. comfort

Jamies P.O.V


I sat in my room, tears spilling down my cheeks. I heard the door open and Louis sat himself besides me. He pulled me in for a hug and I didn't pull away. I just sobbed into his shoulder

"This doesn't seem like you" he said

"pregnancy hormones" I replied and he laughed.

"Your an amazing girl, you know that" He said

"No i'm not. If I was amazing my parents would have wanted me. Nobody wants me. I'm just a stupid idiot who messes things up.

"Jamie hunny listen, If I didn't care about you I would have taken you back to the adoption home by now. But I didn't. Because I care about you and I believe you can change. If not for your sake but for the tiny baby that's now your responsibility. You could have it adopted, but you know what it feels like and I bet you don't want him or her to have to go through that do you" she shook her head "Well Jamie if you behave I'm more than happy to have you there. I'm more than happy for you to be my daughter. The life I can give you and your baby is a good one and I only ask for one thing in return. Behave. I might not be your real dad Jamie. I'll never replace him but I do care for you as if you were my daughter. Please Jamie, it's for your own good" I said and she nodded.

"Now how about some dinner. What do you want?" I asked

"Pizza hut" She said immedatly cheering up.

"Pizza hut it is" I said, taking her hand and leading her  downstairs.



hey guys short chapte I know but im going away tomorrow and I wanted to update once before I go. Longer updates when I come back. I promise :) thanks guys love you all xx

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