Tiffany has been abused in many different ways throughout her life. In this book, she tells her stories of domestic abuse, Jacob, Elis, and the worse, Freddie. Freddie is her current boyfriend but is very abusive and attached to her. She doesn't think she'll ever be able to get away from him.

This is my way to reach out to people who have been through abuse like I have. These stories are based off mine but some are rearranged and I've changed some info. To anybody who's being abused or have been abused PLEASE GET HELP & REPORT IT! I can't seem to stress this enough.
National Domestic Violence Hotline-1-800-799-7233
Rape Abuse & incest National Network-1-800-656-4673
National Center for Victims of Crime and National Stalking Resource Center-1-800-394-2255
National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline-1-800-331-9474
and there are MANY more
credit to in-dissoluvel.tumblr.com for cover photo


7. The Aftermath

When he hit me, I fell to the ground. Hard. I couldn't believe it at first, but then remembered everyone I love ends up hurting me. I got up, crying at this point, and kept punching his chest. Of course this didn't hurt him, it was little me hitting big ole him. I got my things and waited outside. He didn't come to check on me. I called jazzmyn to come get me. When she got there, I got into the car and I told her to drive as fast as she could to her house. She asked why I was crying and wouldn't leave till I told her. I told her we broke up but I broke up with him, I was just sad. Lie. Once we got there I told her the truth. She was pissed.


"I didn't want you to cause a scene." I said, barely a mumble.

"HE'S  GONNA PAY! DON'T YOU WORRY, I'LL HANDLE IT!" That's when I spoke up.

"IT'S NOT HIS FAULT; IT'S MINE I SHOULD'VE NEVER GONE OVER THERE OR THOUGHT HE COULD'VE CHANGED BUT STUPID ME DID!" Jazzmyn looked at me with a confused face. Even tilted her head a little bit.

"Do you really think it's your fault?" She asked, with the same expression.

"Well yeah. Of course it is. I'm the only one to blame." I looked down.
Jazzmyn came over to where I was sitting and gave me a hug, "Oh honey, it's not your fault. I'll admit it was kind of a dumb choice to fall back into his trap, but it was all his fault."
For once I had someone telling me it wasn't my fault after being hit.

"Look at what you've done! Ugh. Tiffany when are gonna learn to just sit your ass down!" My mom yelled at me

"Sorry mommy." I said looking down.

*Smack* "You look at me when I'm talking to you!" She waited for me to look up.
I looked up, "Sorry mommy." I said again now with tears in my eyes.

"Oh you wanna cry?! Cause I can give you something to cry about!"

"Go sit outside!" she pushed me down.

"But mommy it's hot!" I complained.

"I'm not very happy with you right now!", she yelled while picking up the glass of the plate I just dropped, "Now go do what I said!"

After sitting there for about 15 minutes she came outside and told me to come in.

"Tiffany ,honey, I'm sorry I'm so hard on you, you just need to learn your lesson. If I tell you these things while you're older you'll NEVER learn." I was five. But I did what I did best. Nodded my head yes mommy.

*end of flashback*

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