dance with dragons

Maya is the sister of the dancer the person to dance with the silver tailed dragons a dangerous tradition, kept on for a hundred years.
longing to one day dance with one she dreams on in envy till her brother is killed going to the black mountains. dragons are enraged and Maya discovers a secret which leads her to one even darker.


1. prologue

Maya sat on the hard wooden floor along with all the other children by the fire. The room was warm the adults sat at tables and drank and spoke loudly, as the maids walked around serving the drinks. Mayas mother sat in front of the wooden counter talking to the inn owners wife, she turned around and looked at the fire were the village children sat gazing up at old grey eyes, he sat there stroking his beard and gazing at them with his one good eye, Mayas mother gazed at Mayas face her wide eyes, taken away by the words old grey eyes said. She turned back to Margret who had just scowled at one of the maids who dropped a tray making a loud clatter that was lost in all the talk. "you know Sandra your Maya really needs to get those story's out of er head you know, my lil girl heard her saying she gona  be the dancer when shes older, you dont want people hearing that ya know,"  Margret said cleaning the fallen tray, Sandra rolled her eyes and turned round and looked at Mayas dreaming eyes and smiled, "Sandra aren't ya listening to me" scowled Margret,

"shes only a child" said Sandra, who only received a sigh and smile from her friend.

Maya watched old grey eyes as he begun her favorite story. Old grey eyes beckoned the children closer and lighted and old pipe, he noticed that all the children but one, were really listening but he begun anyway, his old but strong voice soon silenced the inn as heads turned to him even those who found the story a waste of time turned and listened as old grey eyes voice took them away to a place only he could send them.


"it all begins back to when the first man had yet to be born and dwarves lived in the land of Loriane, our mountains are known for their silver which is what kept the dwarves here, but one day many a thousand years ago on top of the grate silver tailed dragon spine mountains a group of dwarves walked on its waving tip, when a strange wind blew thought to come from the goddess, the wind that carried  music thought to come from Sundreya itself, the land of elves, blessed by our goddess and god their self. The wind blew strongly that a flask of melted silver fell from the dwarves clutches and as it fell down along the mountain the wind stopped and flew to carry the silver into the sky were it twirled and danced along to the strange music, the dwarves gazed in pure wonder, so shocked they gripped arms, the melted silver begun to form wings as the music went faster and louder like a melody of the mermaids, the dwarves hid among  the black rocks as bit by bit the silver spread and spread forming feet, claws and a tail by night fall when the moon was up and huge and round with its glow of a pearl, the silver had turned into a silver dragon it upend its mouth and an clattering roar shock the mountains, the first of the silver tailed dragons were born, and as by there name like silver it glowed in the moonlight, unaware that another dragon had formed from the melted silver, the dwarfs gazed at the elegant dragon, unlike other dragons, it was like an elvish beauty, slim and elegant with a long neck and tail, the dwarves watched it in wonder as it begun to dance to the music that was like a whisper in the wind, so entranced they were that when a sudden blast of wind blew them out from behind the boulder, one dwarf fainted, there heads just scraped the belly of a dragon no different to the other, as it flew. Days had gone by and the dwarfs never noticed the sun rise and fall for like a spell the dragons danced in a never ending twirl of beauty, when at night on the seventh day the dragons flew away as the music ended, the dwarfs rushed to there homes to find they had been gone for seven days, they reported there tail to there king and soon word spread of this new dragon some thought them terrible and that they would ruin there crops and homes others thought them a gift sent to the dwarfs, when the elves heard they traveled from Sundreya itself to witness this remarkable dance and for seven night and days elves and dwarfs watched them." Grey eyes stopped and gazed into the fire before he went on, the smoke seemed to make the pictures as he talked, "the elves queen and the dwarfs king called war after years of debating on who had brought the dragons to life the elves music or the dwarfs silver and many years went on this war till one day            


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