Day By Day...

Bigbang Inspired Fanfiction.... Noob Here!!!


1. Counting Down

   Hi,my name is Jennifer.I am going to tell you about how I met my boyfriend.You will be surprised when I tell you who is my boyfriend. Ok,so my boyfriend is.... G-DRAGON!!! I know you guys might ask "Hey Jennifer, how did you get to know G-Dragon??" OK. Here's my story between BIGBANG And I.

   I have always been a huge fan of BIGBANG. Especially G-Dragon. So I was invited to go to a GD concert by my best friend, Bao Huan. Bao Huan is a Singaporean like me and we were best friends since 11.We both love BIGBANG so there was a lot to talk about between us.Anyways,back to the story.So, when Bao Huan invited me to GD's concert,I was so happy,I literally jumped and screamed,IN CLASS. My mom and dad said that the tickets were to 'expensive' and they did not allow me to buy it. I am counting down the days to the concert....


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