Go1Den Games

3 534 985 344 females on the world
1 767 274 957 possible competitors
1 947 253 entrants
196 countries
6 continents
5 boys
1 game.

30 girls from all over the world will be chosen to take part in the greatest competition ever launched.
The motto: "Win one game, and win the biggest prize of all!" - Sounds great, right?
But this one game, turns out to be the worst nightmare, of every of the girls...


10. Let the Games begin

"He-HEY! Ladies! LADIES!!!" Tyler's loud voice yelled over the others, trying to sound over the giggling and fangirling Directioner.


All heads turned to the brown haired girl, staring at her in disbelieve, everyone was quite. Riley pointed over to the tall boy who was standing in the middle of the private jet, waiting for the others to calm down.

"Thanks Riley." plump lips curled up into a sweet smile as the black haired boy shot the brownish eyed girl a wink. "As we all just heard - we will talk to the lads; YEIII!" the girls burst out in laughter as he flourished his arms over his head, mocking his fellow finalists. "But everything may be planned - we have to form groups, and I suggest you to firstly form five groups. Group Nialler goes there, the Hazza group sits down here, whoever is fallen for Mr.Payne may sit down over there, Zaynie-girls will sit down right here and all future Mrs. Tomlinson’s go over there. Thank you." Tyler took the lead over the 29 girls, pointing to the places they should go to. "Right, I'm gonna count through, number one will be a group, all number two will form a group and so on, alright? Great!" he walked through the groups, dividing them up again.

Once done, there were six groups of girls, waiting to be called to the front of the plane.

"Oh mer gerd I am so excited!" Caroline said as she was sat in her group, forming a circle with the other 4 girls.

It got loud again, the girls couldn't hold it. But they all turned quite when there was a loud noise coming from the speaker in the front of the lounge.

"The first group may come in." a female voice stated, the Directioners looking at each other in shock - Who was the first group?

"We are. C'mon girls!" Rahida stood up from her seat, heading to the entrance of the VIP-area, the other girls still paralysed by the information. "Meg, Saphirè, Lisa, Lynn, you coming?" she turned around, her hand already on the doorknob.


"Girls, it was a pleasure to meet you." curly hair tickled Danielle's cheek as Harry embraced her in a tight hug.

"Believe me, the pleasure was ours!" Caroline exclaimed, not wanting to leave the cabin.

"I hope we see you soon..." Peyton said, blushing and looking to the floor as Zayn kept his gaze locked on her.

"I hope so too." Smooth hands cupped her chin, tilting it up to face the black haired boy.

"Alright! We've got something for you! It's a present, a special directioner watch. It plays all of our songs and shows you the video as soon as you plug headphones in!" Louis handed everyone a black box. "Put it on! Put it on!" he almost screamed in excitement, a big grin on his face.

"Okay!" Rosie chuckled, opening the box and placing the red watch around her wrist.

"It looks gorgeous on you!" Liam stated, hugging the tanned beauty.

"I'm afraid our time is over! Bye guys! See you later, alligator!" Niall said while the girls were shoved out by the security guards.




"I really like these girls! They are all so... Enthusiastic!" Zayn voiced, looking out of the window, enjoying the flight.

"I know... I can't believe what we will do to them..."

"What we have already done to them, Louis, what we already have done..." the curly haired guy sounded from the floor, eyes locked with the ceiling.

"Not again..."

"No Liam! He is right! It's not fair -" Niall got interrupted by the blonde entering the room.

"Boys, it's time to get the parachutes ready, trucks will wait for you, bringing you to the arranged places. You will leave in about fifteen minutes. Have a nice stay down there!" she tossed the boys five backpacks, showing them how to put them on and how to open the parachutes.

"What's gonna happen to the girls?" a deep frown build up over concerned brown eyes, black hair ruffled in nervousness.

"Don't worry, the crash won't hurt them. But I can't tell what's gonna happen afterwards." and with this, the busty blonde had left the room, leaving the five boys worried, confused and sad.




"Hi girls! Please take a seat, we have prepared lunch for you - big eye tuna served with a mango-vinaigrette on apple foam; as main course we have either a dry-aged rib eye steak or a variety of sushi; and as desert you can choose between a chocolate soufflé with wild berries and a crème brûlée. The air hostesses will take in your order and bring you your lunch immediately." a strange blonde came in, a warm smile displayed on her features as she announced the menu.

The girls eyes grew wide - they totally forgot about eating, only now noticing that their stomachs were completely empty.

"Caro, I-I don't know what this is... Could you please expl-?"

"Sure Emily babes! Alright. What you got now is tuna, you know the fish, with a mango sauce - see the dark yellow liquid on the bottom of the bowl? And the green foam around it is apple foam. Anb it tashte delicious..." the last part was quite muffled as Caroline had already started to eat.

"Okay. Thank you!" a smile crept on Emily's face - it was long time ago that she could eat freely, without working for it before. But she never have had something as tasty as this.


"Look! It's like the food at home!" Saphirè exclaimed, a big grin plastered on her face as she stared down on the big plate.

"Saphi, you can get sushi everywhere - all over the world!" black curls waved as the Japanese shook her head whilst chuckling.

"Ahw shut up!" the platinum-blonde poked her black haired friend with her elbow, the grin on her face grew wider when she glanced over to the others plates.

"Lay-Lay, you eating steak? As I said - like at home!"

"Who doesn't eat steak at home?" Anastasia asked, the smile on her face crept up on her cheeks as the hostess brought her the big plate with the 22oz steak on it.

"O my god Stasia, you'll eat that on your own?!" Carlie piped up, the sushi on her plate was already half finished; she was still chewing on a chunk as she spoke.

"Yes?! Normally the portions are bigger, but I can't bear to gain weight now." the black haired Russian answered, already cutting off the first big piece of meat, shoving it into her mouth.


"How's sushi, Ri?" Tyler munched on the third bite of his steak, a satisfied smile plastered over his face.

"Hhm?! Oh, awesome!" the brown haired girl had been deep in thoughts, staring at her food, taking a bite of it every now and then.

"What is that actually? I onwy recognishe shalmon..." the words were hardly understandable as he had his mouth stuffed with mashed potatoes.

"Ahhm... Salmon, two kinds of tuna, octopus, shrimp, Jacobs-clam, and I don't know the other stuff." a shy gaze was lifted from the plate, mud coloured eyes locking with perfect blue ones - but they've changed, they sparkled again; not much yet, but they began to clear up.

"How's your beef?"

"Amazing! You wanna taste some? It's really delicious!!!" a strong hand extended in Riley's direction, holding a fork with some meat on it. She accepted the gesture and took the chunk past her lips, teeth grazing the fork as Tyler pulled it out of her mouth.

"Awnn isn't it cute? They are already feeding each other." Kayla cooed, the other girls joined in her laughter, watching as the shy American turned almost red.


"I hope you enjoyed dinner. You will now have some time to sleep, we will arrive in about three hours." the blonde walked out of the room again, leaving 30 stuffed, tired and satisfied Directioners.

"Imma sleep a bit, who'll join me?" Avlona looked around, watching the nodding crowd. "Alright, who knows how to pull out those beds?"




"Jes, JES WAKE UP!" blue eyes were filled with concern as the black haired French tried to wake her friend. "JESEBEL!" she shook her shoulders, waiting for a reaction. That was when she recognised the blood dripping from the back of her friends head. "NO JES! JES!" tears sprung into her eyes, not wanting to let her go. "JES PLEASE STAY WITH ME!!!"

"Phinè? Wh-What happened?" brown eyes fluttered open, a frown build up as the pale girl hugged Jes tightly.

"Oh Jes I thought you were gone!" Delphiné whipped the tears that had sprung in the brim of her eye away, worry plastered on her face. "The plane crashed, but it seems like there is no one injured seriously."

"Where are we?" the brown haired Belgium unbuckled herself from her seat, glancing around the area. What she saw frightened her.

Plane wrecks all over the place, some parts burning, some parts lying on the ground, others still hanging in the trees - completely destroyed.

"As it seems are we on an island, but no one knows. Some have already left the wreck to search for someone to help us..."

"GIRLS! GIRLS! EMERGENCY!!!" Noelle ran around the area, eyes flooded with tears. "THE BOYS! I CAN'T FIND THEM!!!"

"WHAT?!" the whole crowd turned to the frantic girl looking at her in horror.

"THEY ARE NOWHERE TO BE FOUND!" she broke down on her knees, sobbing into her hands.


"Attention Directioners Attention!!!"

"Where did it come from???" head flicked from side to side, looking for the source of the noise.

"The watches!! Look at your watches!!” someone screamed.

"Alright Directioners." the low voice sounded out of the small bracelets. "Welcome, to the Go1Den Games..."

Everyone was staring at their wrists, mouths agape as their minds tried to process the events that had happened so quickly.

"If you want to win this game, you've got to listen carefully." the electronic voice stated. "The boys are hidden on special locations on this island. You wanna win? - find them. We hid small hints all over the island - be aware that they could be everywhere, you just might not see them now. Some are riddles, some have to be solved physically. There are only five winners - one for each boy. So make sure you stay alive and make your way to the lads. To your appreciation there will be small rucksacks, boxes or other small cages hidden all over the place - helping you to survive, and maybe, well let's call it 'disqualify', other competitors."

There was a hissing noise, made by 30 teenagers by breathing in in shock - what did it mean with 'disqualify'?

After a few seconds the first started to realise - and made a run for it, everyone running into a different direction.

"Everything else will be told when time did come. Good luck, and may you find your boy." And with that, the girls were left alone on a lonely island, some of them injured and all of them in deep shock - one question running through all their minds: Will they ... 'Disqualify' a fellow directioner?

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