Go1Den Games

3 534 985 344 females on the world
1 767 274 957 possible competitors
1 947 253 entrants
196 countries
6 continents
5 boys
1 game.

30 girls from all over the world will be chosen to take part in the greatest competition ever launched.
The motto: "Win one game, and win the biggest prize of all!" - Sounds great, right?
But this one game, turns out to be the worst nightmare, of every of the girls...


9. First Meeting

Although there were only thirty people in the NYC-airport 'SKY-Lounge', it was quite loud and busy.

The girls - and Tyler - were standing around in three groups, talking and laughing and introducing themselves to each other.


"I know, right? Why is this boy here?! I mean, 1D are not gay!!!" Anastasia sounded, her gaze locked on the tall boy who was standing with the other girls.

"And it's unbelievable how many gingers we have here - no offence, I think it's pretty - but they are said to be rare, aren't they?" black curls were wrapped around the index of the smaller girl, sprawled out on one of the large couches as the other girls towered over her.

"Anyway, how did you come here? I mean, I know Stasia as she is the best Asian kick boxer, but how did you manage to get here?" big eyes were framed by long lashes as dark orbs peered up to the blond next to her.


"The judges didn't really pay attention at me as I was one of the last attendants... But I threw 3 throwing knives at once and didn't miss the target... That pretty much impressed them." a smirk spread on her rather pale face as she kept staring thoughtfully to the ground right in front of her, bright somewhat violet eyes narrowed on a fly.

"I wanna see!!!" Avlona cheered, eyes sparkling in excitement.


A sharp throwing knife was flicked out of the sleeve of her hoody, eyes still fixed on the fly that was sat on the ground.

Her wrist turned back, curling her hand in. Then in a sudden movement, she shot the knife out of her hand, fixing the fly to the floor as the sharp object dug through the insect.

"Nice one... What about you?" almost black eyes glanced expectantly up to the Indian beauty - Rahida.

"Well." Her soft voice almost sang "I was able to defeat the other competitors by knocking them out, using acupuncture techniques." the warm smile she displayed on her features wrapped almost everyone around her finger - almost.

"I got a special education as I attended the fighting school of the Israeli secret service." big blue eyes looked around to catch the facial expressions of her potential enemies as Aurora voiced the answer to the mentally asked question.

"You did attend the Mossad fighting education?" vibrant blue eyes fixed on the innocent gorgeous as the long digits of the blond Russian pointed on her.


"Well, I guess it's my turn then - I am Japanese kong-fu master, three years in a row." it sounded from the couch, all heads turning to the small person with the dark curls.

"YOU are the Japanese kong-fu master?" unbelieving words escaped the full lips of the dark haired Russian.

A small nod was given before heads turned to face two platinum blond beauties.

"Hi! I am Saphirè and this is my twin Layla." the girl with violet dips said before pulling all of the five girls into a tight hug, followed by her bright-pink dip-dyed sister.

Stunned by the warm and friendly gesture, the Asian girls just managed to stand there - except Avlona.

"OMG hi! Where are you from?!"

"Canada, well, actually Quebec." the platinum-sisters voiced same time.

"You won the beauty pageant, right?" Anastasia sounded, a hint of curiosity in her cold tone.

"Yes, we did. It was quite hard though... We had to fly to two different pageants as we wanted to come here together!" again both Canadian girls spoke at once.

"What did you have to do? I've never been to a pageant yet, I'm curious!" the friendly behaviour of the two blondes made even Carlie's cold shell break away.

"It wasn't an ordinary pageant, we had to climb trees in high heels and make chick clothes out of leaves and other things you find in nature. We also had to show some kind of survival skills, and athletic competences." it was kind of scary how both of the girls frowned same time in the same way, but neither Aurora nor one of the other four did care at this time, they were just happy to make new friends.




Meanwhile, 18 females gathered around the tall, black haired boy with the sexy snakebites, giggling and blushing when he complimented them and their beauty.

"I can't believe how we are all here together - Directioners with Directioners! But - now that we are all from the same kind, who do you fancy?" blue eyes flicked around in the crowd of girls who were all shouting the same 5 names.

A chuckle was released from plump lips as he rose his hands to tell the females to hold their breath for a second.

"Okay... That won't work, will it? So let's go through it slowly." he gave the oestrogen filled girls a smexy smile before he pointed at the very left one.

"What's your name Hun?"

"Caroline" the brown haired, African girl voiced confidently. "Definitely Harry!"

Tyler's finger moved over to the blue-black haired, blue eyed white.

"Your name dear?" his playful tone forced a charmed smile from her rather pale lips. "Delphinè, and Nialler." she glanced to the floor as blush crept on her cheeks.

"Awwn how cute is this, look at her!" he walked over and gave her a tight hug.

"You could be relatives! Raven hair, blue eyes, pale lips! Sure you weren't separated after birth?" Peyton joked.

The both pulled away, looking weird at each other before gazing over to the redhead.

"I've been adopted..." Delphiné admitted, again facing the floor.

"You are joking, right?" Tyler grabbed hold of the black haired girl’s shoulders. "Me too!" He said, encouraging her gaze up.

"Alright!" he turned around and pointed somewhere. "Tell me love, what's your name and who do ya fancy?"

Mud coloured eyes widened, cheeks flushing red as she particularly got caught as her gaze travelled up and down the tall boy’s body.

"No need to be shy love!" he said soothingly, making his way over to the shocked girl.

Her almost black hair cascading over her shoulders in big loops as he tilted up her chin, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

"Riley... A-And I don't really have a favourite... I-I love’em all equally." the pale beauty was stunned by the tall boys movements, her voice breaking.

"Well that's adorable." hot air puffed over Riley's face as his nose brushed hers, her eyes fluttered close at the sensation, her stomach had never felt so strange, the erupting butterflies were too much for her.

She found herself disappointed as he pulled away, questioning the other girls about her 'secret' 1D crush.




"C'mon Em, let’s go over to them! They look nice!" Montana was still trying to convince her new friend to make other social contacts.

"I have the feeling, there will be no friendship in this competition..." Emily mumbled under her breath, but the smart young brunette heard her loud and clear.

"Why do you think that? They are all lo-"


"Hello Ladies and.... Huh! Gentleman!" a raspy voice made all their heads turn, not believing that it was actually him.

"My name is Harry Styles, and this are my band mates and also bets friends: Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik!" the five of the boys were welcomed with loud squeals and screams released by thirty fangirling Directioners.

"Alright! Thank you for being here today! We will soon enter the plane to take off to a secret destination, but before that, we ask you to build groups of five - no matter what country you are from - because you will be called to the front part of the plane to have your very own audience." Louis spoke as Harry handed him the micro.

"We just got a call in from the pilot - we are ready to take off!!!" Liam shouted, and with that, they were taken to the plane by security.




All those sentences were screamed by the fans, freaking out to meet their idols.

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