ever since kalis parents split up when she was seven her life has been. her mom had got a new boyfriend and he was abusive. since then she hasent talked to her mom. will things work out in the end? will a special boy from a boy band save her?


1. chaper 1

Kali's pov

  My live is messed up. I blamed my self everyday for something i didn't do. I sat on my bed holding the necklace she gave me before i left.


  Eric finally went to work so I could finally tell my mom. These thoughts have been running through my mind since he went out the door. 

 " Mom", I whispered walking through her bedroom door.

 " Yes honey", she looked at me confused.

  I instantly broke down. I knew that once her eyes hit mine I won't be able to see her anymore.

 " Its ok, let it all out", she told me putting my hair behind my ear.

 I finally looked up at her letting the tears fall down my face. I told her everything he did to me. How he kicked me, punched me, and pulled my hair. All she said was everything will be alright. She helped me pack my bags and got me the next flight to London. She drove me to the airport and once they called my number i left. Before she let me go she stopped and hugged me. Once she let go she handed me her necklace my dad gave her. I hugged her one last time and left.

-end of flashback-

 That necklace was the last thing i had of her. I had been sitting on my bed holding the necklace in my hand. The tears had slowly escaped from my eyes. That night i had cried myself to sleep hoping everything will be ok.


A/N: This is my first so I hope you liked it. If you though it was boring sorry. It will get better soon, i promise. If you have any suggestions that will be great too. Like, fan, and favorite Irish_chic <3xx




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