PREVIEW OF: This Book Does Not Have A Title

Hello there! This is a preview of a book I am currently working on. This is a random scene from the middle of the book. Tell me what you think and if you would like to read it. Also I need a title...I know that this is just a small paragraph, but if a title comes to mind then please tell me :) I WILL GIVE YOU SOMETHING IN RETURN. Leave the title of your book and I will read it and give you legit feedback. Like a long paragraph expressing the emotions I felt whilst reading and how I think the book is.


1. Scene

"What do you mean it's locked...?" My heart plummets to my feet, my limbs feel as if they way a thousand tons. This cannot be happening. We are so close, only to be stopped by a locked door. For the first time in my entire life, I am truly horrified. 
"It won't open..." Todd says, letting his hand drop from the silver knob, down to his side. I quickly scan my surroundings, knowing this won't help anything. 
I freeze when I hear the sound of muffled yells. I glance up to Todd, our eyes meet and I know the same thought is turning through our minds. We are dead. 
" you have a hair thing?" He clearly struggles to get it out of his mouth, due to his terrified state. 
I quickly shove my fists into my pockets, searching. Yes. 
"Uh, yeah. Here." I say handing it to him. 
It slips through his parted fingers, and falls to the ground. Instantly he drops to the floor, franticly flailing his hands around trying to find. 
He stands back holding the small bobby pin between his thumb and index finger. He tentatively sticks it into the small lock hole and begins to fidget. 
My heart starts racing, I hear their footsteps. They are only meters away. I look back to Todd. His head slowly turns to face me. His face drained of any colour, his lips tinting blue. 
"It won't work..." He stutters.

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