my Awkward scary funny cool life

Roxy loves one direction , especially Harry ;) she goes through a lot but Harry is always by her side.WAIT THEY R IN LOVE! WILL THEY BREAK UP?? WILL THEY DIE?? read the book to find out

OH YEAH! and if u become a fan u r awesome


2. The wax cuties

        I woke up to my alarm blairing ZOMBIE ZOMBIE ZOMBIE.  It actually fit my mood because I feel like a zombie in the morning. I pushed the snooze button and moved on with the rest of the morning. I sloppily got dressed and checked my Facebook . I read my moms post it said "OH MY BABY IS GROWING UP TO FAST SHE IS 18 NOW".Embarresssed , I sat own my IPhone. "WAIT" I said. I grabbed my phone and read the part about me being 18 again. I forgot it was my b-day!!! I took off my sloppy clothes and got dressed way better looking. "ZOMBIE ZOMBIE ZOMBIE" my alarm clock blaired again. I threw it accross the room then got back into my happy mood. My mom came into my room with red velvet cupcakes and butter cream icing  although she had a confused yet dissapointed look on her face , probably due to the fact that I threw my $200 alarm clock in the time-out zone aka I threw it accross the room. I ran up to her and grabbed a cupcake that said 18. "Thankyou" I said like nothing happened. "We'll sweetie I am taking you to the wax muesam for your birthday" "REALLY THE NERDIEST PLACE EVER?" I thought . I just said thanks so I don't get in trouble on my birthday. Her boyfriend poked his head out from behind her ."Oh look Jerry is here" I said not feeling so happy anymore. I saw that he was holding 3 tickets for the muesam . My mom was giving him a loving look.I was confused why is she so loved up if he is just taking me to the wax muesam? 

          In the mean time I were driving to the wax muesam. I almost ran a red light from all the things they could have planned. When I got there I had to wear a V.I.P necklace.My mom was still wearing that special smile she only does on special occasions.Soon we were in a locked V.I.P room with 5 or 6 body guards. I looked around an all I saw was a wax figure of 1D I got a picture or two with them . I could have sworn I saw Liam give me the evil eye. I touched them and stuff. all of the sudden Harry started moving and so did the rest of 1D!!! I screamed and giggled . a camera crew popped up I was so excited. One guy with a microphone said "Here we have Roxy she had one direction infection now her parents have set her up to think that it was an ordinary day at the wax muesam" . "Are you excited?" asked the guy "YES !!!" I screamed . "great everyone have a good day and toon in next time for a new episode of  prank that fan!" I started talking to Harry and somehow I convinced him to come to my placethe next day!!!!!!!!

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