my Awkward scary funny cool life

Roxy loves one direction , especially Harry ;) she goes through a lot but Harry is always by her side.WAIT THEY R IN LOVE! WILL THEY BREAK UP?? WILL THEY DIE?? read the book to find out

OH YEAH! and if u become a fan u r awesome



        It was the day after my b-day and I was so excited! Harry was coming over so I had to look my best. It was about 12:00 and Harry was coming over at 1:30 so I was running out of time.  I took a nice short shower, highlighted my colored strip of hair a different shade of purple, brushed my hair, and got my two baby Pomeranians to calm down. It was 1:00 by that time I was freaking out!! I put on my fave dress that was short, sleeveless and was light pink. Next I got on my high heel convers.

       "DING DONG" rang the doorbell. I fixed my hair and opened the door. " Hello may I come in"asked Harry. "Why yes of course " I said back. We both sat down on my couch. "Your house is lovely and you also look lovely"said Harry. I tried to keep my giggle in from him calling me lovely. I immediately got butterflies. "thankyou you do to"I replied. After a tour around the house I finally showed him my room. He was surprised by the sight of my room. "You must really love purple" Harry said. My cheeks got as red as a cherry. "I really do"I said. After he told me how cute my dogs were it was time for him to go." REALLY ROXY YOU SPEND A DAY WITH HARRY STYLES AND YOU DONT GET ANY LOVE ACTION" I thought to myself.

        Right as Harry  was about  to walk out the door he said "Oh yeah we should go to dinner together sometime" he said. "When?" I asked "maybe tommorrow at 7:00"said  Harry. "sounds great oh and you dropped something" I pretended to pick up a piece of paper with my number on it and gave it to him with a wink. He smiled gave me a hug and left with the paper in his hand. Right as I heard the door shut I squealed so loud. My mom must have known what went on because she joined me in jumping and squealing."Have fun on your dinner date"said my mom. I was mad that she was listening to our conversation but I said "ok I will".

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