Hungry for you

Miah and her friend spend a week away. When Miah becomes ill her friend ditches her and she is left on her own.
She is invited out by another group to go to a gig and gets more than just a night out.


3. Chapter 3

Miah closed the bedroom door behind her; her heart was still pounding from the excitement of that evening. She didn’t know whether to be thrilled that she’d just had sex with a virtual stranger in public or be mortified by it. In the end she chose a shower, T.V and then sleep.

Miah was just falling asleep when she heard a gentle tapping at her bedroom door. Drowsily she climbed back out of bed, her little baby pink satin nightdress tickling at her thighs as she walked to the door. The tapping grew a little louder as she approached.

“Okay, okay I hear you.” She grumbled, rubbing her eyes.

The light flooding in from the corridor half-blinded her when she opened the door, she blinked rapidly to clear her sight. Stood before her on the landing was the last person she expected to see that night. A very bedraggled and sobbing Abby stood in the doorway, dripping rain water on the carpet.

“Kian’s gone, gone back to Ireland and taken some bloody skinny, ginger tart with him. He picked her up during the interval, while I was on the loo. I was gone for less than 3 minutes for god’s sake!!” Abby burst into a storm of snot and tears and threw herself onto Miah’s barely warm bed.

Miah closed the door and traipsed back to her bed, muttering to herself about sleep deprivation and bloody men. She perched herself on the edge, beside her weeping friend and place her hand on her shoulder, patting gently.

“He’s quite obviously a twat then!”

Abby looked up through her sodden hair and scowled.

“But he seemed so sweet and into me, you know? He really seemed to take the time to get to know me.” Abby threw her head back down and howled a bit more, covering the duvet in rain, tears and snot.

“Hon, I think the only thing he was into was your pants and obviously the only bit he wanted to know about you too.”

Abby looked back up, horror etched on her face.

“We never got that far! What kind of girl to you take me for?”

Miah blushed furiously. Of course, her best friend was clearly more ladylike than herself.

“I’m so sorry, I just assumed... What with the pair of you spending so much time together... just a natural progression... err, sorry!” Miah now felt even worse, not only had she just made the assumption that her best friend would sleep with a man she hardly knew, but she herself had done just that. She felt thoroughly ashamed of herself and embarrassed.

Abby stayed a little while longer and since Miah was not really in much of a mood for chatting she soon went back to her own room. Miah was now left on her own feeling dirty, relieved that she would be leaving Whitby in the morning and returning to Durham.

Miah finally settled down in her now slightly damp bed. She just started to drift off to sleep when a tapping started on her door. Miah rolled her eyes and pulled the bedding over her head. She’d ignore them and they’d go away, after all how much more could Abby cry over this bloke. The tapping continued, it wasn’t getting any louder but it was more persistent. Finally after what felt like too long Miah pooped her head out of the covers, gasping for fresh air and not very hot and sweaty. The tapping had finally stopped she thought. Miah snuggled her head into her pillow and got nice and comfy again.


Whoever was at the door, Abby most likely, she thought, was going to get a telling off now. Miah bounced back out of bed and stomped over to the door. She pulled the door open so fast that she hit herself in the face with the edge of it and knocked herself to the floor. Dizzied, in pain and confused, she allowed the visitor to help her up. It was dark now, the corridor light was switched off;  the bed and breakfast owner had obviously gone off to bed themselves and turned all the lights out. The only source of light was the pale strip of moonlight coming in through the bedroom window. Her visitor had not spoken a word as they had led her back to her bed. Miah looked at their silhouette and saw that they were only slightly taller but wider built than her. The person before her was quite clearly not Abby. This was quite obviously a man. Fear gripped Miah and she took a sharp breath of air to shout at them, for waking her and then for coming into her room uninvited (even if they had just picked her off the floor after nearly knocking herself out). The man knew what she was about to do and held his hand over her mouth.

“Shhh! Miah, it’s me, Tim! Sorry for waking you. How’s your head?"

Miah shook his hand free and glared at him as best she could in the dark.

“What the hell are you playing at? It’s the middle of the night and I was trying to sleep.”

“Sorry, I just wanted to see you again, and touch you, and kiss you.” He leaned in to press his lips to Miah’s. Miah pushed him away, furious at Tim and still embarrassed at her previous lack of chasteness, she still ached for him but didn’t want him to get the second course as easily as she’d given the first.

“Whoa! I’m tired and have a nice head injury to boot. I really don’t think this would be wise.”

Tim smiled and leaned in again, unperturbed by Miah’s less than enthusiastic attempts to push him away. He ran the tip of his tongue across the bow of her top lip. Miah pushed and wriggled, she wanted him, but hell she didn’t want him thinking he could get his way just because he shows up and declares that’s what he wants. His shoulders shrugged and sagged, Tim resigned to accept her decision and he stopped trying to kiss Miah and backed off.

“Okay, okay. Have it your way then but, when you come knocking later just know that I won’t be as gentle as I was earlier.”

With that he stood up, blew her a kiss and turned and left the room.

Miah was left alone once more and threw herself onto her back feeling like the darkness was now just a little too warm and sticky and the air too thick for her lungs. She climbed back under the covers and snuggled down, but try as she did, Miah just couldn’t settle to sleep. Her mind wandered back to Tim and his lips and how insistent he was. The more she thought about how she should definitely steer clear of him or at least slow it down a lot, the more her mind wandered to him pushing deeper inside her, kissing her, the cool railing beneath her skin as he fucked her. Her thoughts were telling her that she’d already given him what he wanted; she enjoyed it, why not have the pleasures a second time. The more she thought about it the wetter she became. Miah slid her hand beneath the covers and hitched up her flimsy nightdress. Her fingers skimmed lightly over the now swollen nub of her clitoris, it was so sensitive she gasped as the friction caused a severe tingle down there.

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