Thunder Strikes

A year later, Edward and Melody are trying to keep their quite new relationship last. Unfortunately a few somebody's are getting in their way, tensing them up. In times of stress, fear, Joy and promises, the young couple needs to raise two toddlers and learn to be honest to themselves and each other.
And while Edward is distant for reasons Melody is not aware of a new attacker who is waiting for the right time to bite.

Will their bond be strong enough to survive? Or will the someone be able to break it?

Thunder Strikes is a sequel to Starless Sky and Moon Girl.

Get bitten and tag along!



This story is RATED 18+ / NC-17 which means the following:

- sex
- violence
- angst
- cursing


4. Thunder Three

I sighed deeply as I thought back. How I got them over two years ago still sent shivers of true horror down my spine. The images of my mother attempting to kill me by burning me alive still haunted me daily. The memories just faded to the background when I was distracted by my loved ones, though. It was a good thing I guess, for me. I never spoke about that evening and how I felt during my coma. What I’d mentally been through. 

I cast my eyes downwards as I put my legs into my fresh panties before putting on my pajama pants, with the shirt following suit. I dried my hair, ruffling the towel over my head to take away the worst wetness. When I dropped the towel, I caught sight of myself in that mirror again.

I saw my eyes, which were changing into a dark brown color slowly. It would take a while before the golden color got back. I was happy though, that Edward now knew that was my very own eye color. He never questioned me how that happened or when it did. he actually avoided everything that included me, my past and what belonged to that. This frustrated me deeply at this point. 

When he just found out I wasn’t completely human last March, he seemed curious at first, but hesitant. As if he was afraid I might freak out if he asked me things. We were just starting our relationship, not just as partners, but as parents too and we needed to deal with those months apart from each other. The psychical pain we’d been through, the mental monsoons that had been swirling and destroying our peace of mind. 
To say we were cautious with one another was an understatement. 

Around June, while we eventually went back to school to finish a useless year there was one moment he asked me how human I was. I hadn’t understood him and he asked at a wrong time – I had been feeling sick all day because of my period and had been rowing with Charlie about my penalty. When Edward asked me that question I became angry, telling him I didn’t care and that it didn’t matter at that moment. I even wanted him to leave me alone that day. 

Thinking back to that, that probably wasn’t a smart move from me. During summer, while me and my family were still ‘hiding in plain sight’ when it came to our nature, Edward seemed to distance himself from me. not in the ignoring way, but when we talked he never said much, never asked anything apart from the simple, unimportant things. Like how my classes on Forks High School went. Or how my dinner had tasted. 
I had hoped it was just a phase, or that he was also dealing with his pain from the horrible January before. I thought that he would ease up when we were with Raven and Blaze, that he would talk to me about our future. But he never did. it was always ‘Melody, look at Raz’s red car! isn’t it looking fantastic?’ or ‘Love, did you see that teddy bear drawing Aze made? It’s great he can do that!’. Of course things like that were important too, for our parent ship, but our relationship as a couple was just dull. 
When we started our Senior year at Forks High School, again, it went completely silent. 
We didn’t even kiss anymore! I only got a slight peck on my lips or one on my cheek. Two if I got lucky. But I didn’t dare to say or ask on it, afraid he might lose his temper or even leave again.
It was naïve for me to think such a thing – he’d promised to stay. 
But he’d also promised me a year earlier, that he was my best friend and would never leave me. He broke that promise too. 
It had been, and still was, difficult for us to fall back into our old pattern, where we’d laugh and joke around or just watch a movie together, snuggling on a couch. 

I sighed deeply again, shaking my head. It was my fault that he was behaving distantly and I wanted to give him space to mourn over what he’d been through, but I hated it that we were living separate lives. 
The only thing we truly did together, was everything that concerned our sons.
I left the bathroom, turning of the light and tip-toeing back to my bedroom without waking Charlie and Bella. I closed the door behind me softly and sat down on my bed. 
Yes, I was exhausted but not just from the long hunt.

Laying down, trying to relax and twirling around in my bed, which felt empty without Edward, I thought back to all those months that already had passed. 
It was quite peaceful, apart from the tension between me and my stubborn boyfriend, and nothing seemed to have really changed. But yet I felt on edge.
Like I sensed something to happen soon. 

I decided to just wait for the hours to tick by and lay on my back, my arms behind my head. I was just thinking back to that day in august when all the ladies of my family, including the Cullen women, my cousins and Raven and Blaze, went picnicking close to the Cullen residence. Scarlett had discovered an old house, where Esmé told her about. It used to be property of the old forester, but when he passed more than twenty years ago, the house crumbled and was being broken down by the nature surrounding it. Scarlett immediately started imagining living there, since she loved the place. Esmé got along with her ideas and suggested they could rebuild it in something new. Scarlett had told me that day, that she and Adam had been discussing moving to Forks someday. Now she was so close to home, she got homesick of living two hours away from town. 
While we ate and chatted about fashion, food and other girl stuff, Denim started to teach Raven how to throw a good curve ball. I was sure that if his father’s genes had transferred good enough, Raz would great at sports. 
Blaze however, who was mostly silent, was coloring in drawings of Winnie the Pooh with Faith and Alana. He was telling us that Winnie always said very smart things and that he though Tiger looked like Uncle Emmett. 
I had choked on my muffin that moment. 

Suddenly, a soft rush of air, made me get out of my soft slumber. I opened my eyes and was met with Edward’s beautiful physique sitting on the edge of my bed. I sighed in relief, feeling the worries and tension from earlier slip away. 
I sometimes doubted if our connection as mates was strong enough, but when he was with me again, I felt guilty of doubting that – I loved him dearly, no matter what. 
“Hey, why are you still awake?” he whispered softly, his voice a little rough when he spoke, while he brushed my cheek with the back of his hand. I smiled sheepishly, rolling my eyes before closing them. 
“Why are you back so early?” I asked in return. I heard him chuckle softly as I turn my head towards his hand to take a whiff of the sweet smell of his hand.
“We had a good hunt the past two nights and we all wanted to get back. But you avoided my question, love.” 
I opened my eyes, peering into his bright golden ones, which seemed to shine more after the recent hunt, and exhaled an audible breath.
“I couldn’t sleep…I’m restless.” I said, tentatively. Normally I said I just woke up or had to use the bathroom, but now my mind wanted me to speak my heart out. My earlier musing stirred something inside me when I realized how we acted toward one another. 
To my expectations, Edward frowned, confused.
“Why?” he simply asked when I didn’t went on with my reasoning soon enough. I looked away, to my slightly ajar window, seeing the soft February breeze waver the curtains. 
“We have to stop it, Edward.” I said softly, feeling the nerves kick into my gut awaiting his response. At my side, I felt his arms stiffening.
“We have to stop what, Melody? Us?” he asked his voice low, tensed and rough at the edge. I did expect that reaction, but my heart still squeezed uncomfortably at that. I shook my head.
“No, not us..” I began, but changed my mind as quickly, rethinking it within split seconds, changing my answer. it was the only way to work this out between us, to stop the tense feelings, the secrets that were hovering above our heads and the pasts that were hard to deal with.
“Well, actually Edward – we should.” 

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