Thunder Strikes

A year later, Edward and Melody are trying to keep their quite new relationship last. Unfortunately a few somebody's are getting in their way, tensing them up. In times of stress, fear, Joy and promises, the young couple needs to raise two toddlers and learn to be honest to themselves and each other.
And while Edward is distant for reasons Melody is not aware of a new attacker who is waiting for the right time to bite.

Will their bond be strong enough to survive? Or will the someone be able to break it?

Thunder Strikes is a sequel to Starless Sky and Moon Girl.

Get bitten and tag along!



This story is RATED 18+ / NC-17 which means the following:

- sex
- violence
- angst
- cursing


53. Thunder 52

It’s done. Finished. Finito.
the fresh breeze makes me finally sigh in relieve as I step outside of the gym building. Not even a minute ago I handed in my last exam. Now it’s only praying for everything to be right. And if that’s true, I will only need to get on a stage in a toga wearing a cap and smile, getting my diploma. 
And then I graduated high school. Just like that.
i smile a little, walking slowly towards the parking lot that has become so familiar since my first stop here last year. Not without the tough struggles, but it have been two rollercoaster years with loads of memories. And I may graduate a lot more in my life from now on, but this time, this very first time, will be the most special one of all. 
I’ll have to wait a while before I’ll know if I made it, but I’m pretty sure I did. 
While I get into my car, the giddy feelings fade when I realise tonight is the first night a quite some time, that I’ll see Edward. 
And I’m nervous. Like really fucking nervous. 
Bella, my nieces and Skye convinced me to go to prom after all. They argued that with the first graduation, the first time prom can’t be missed. 
So I gave in because they’re right after all. Even though I’m not a fan of dresses. 
And off course my favourite pixie sister in sort of law wanted to make my prom dress. She didn’t even ask what I wanted she just took my sizes and went back home. And off course she blocked her visions from me. 
I honestly fear pink, chiffon, glitters and an enormous poof factor. That dress might be bigger than I am. 

I turn out of my parking space and enter the traffic on my way to Alice and prom dress of my nightmares. It’s not raining for once and I pray for a summer with sun. it doesn’t have to be warm as long as there’s enough sunlight to absorb. 
When I’ve almost reached the Cullen Residence I take out my phone and text Alice if Edward’s home. I hope not. And I hope so. 
Not even a few seconds later i get one back, seeing she probably already knew i was texting.

Alice: Yes he is. Live with it. 

Oh joy. Now I’ll have to face him before this prom night even starts. Deep breaths, be patient, don’t ogle him and don’t get too angry. 
When I arrive I see Jasper and Emmett talking on the porch. It looks like they just come back from a quick hunt since their jeans are practically coated with mud and dirt. Of course they have heard me from far away as I’m greeted with two big grins. 
‘Look who’s come back!’ Jasper yells, jumping off the stairs.
‘Lil’ Momma has re-entered the Cullen building!’ Emmett is already at my side within less than a second a hugs me a bit too tight. I gasp for a few breaths.
‘Human!’ my exclaim in a raw voice. Emmett drops me back on the ground and smiles widely while i make an effort of brushing dirt and pieces of leaves and twigs. 
‘Thanks Em, I really needed that…’ I mock, sarcasm double on my tongue. They laugh and I can’t help but smile. I have to admit I missed the idiots. 
Jasper stops laughing and his facial expression changes drastically. It confuses me. Is there something wrong? Do they expect some dramatic turn away from Edward and me?
‘How…?’ he exclaims, his finger pointed at me, ‘Did you just felt like you missed something just before you felt confused?’
I’m so shocked that my eyebrows practically reach my hairline. 
‘You’re shocked right now. True?’ Jasper begins chuckling at this new achievement. He can feel my emotions. Fuck.
‘And now you’re irritated?’
No shit Sherlock. 
I see jasper frown and I pick up from his mind that he’s concentrating. And the worst thing I can imagine right now is Edward reading my mind. And me not knowing how to block him. 
How in the world did this happen anyway?
My mind is rolling with possibilities for this sudden change and jasper is a bit too happy for my liking. They get closer to pranking me. And I know that for sure since Emmett’s already making plans for the first joke. 
‘Boys I got you clean clothes,’ Esmé says says as she comes outside. She hates it when anyone has hunted comes in the house, which she keeps extremely clean, with all the dirt, blood en mud on them. 
Jasper and Emmett turn around, whispering in a pitch too low for me to hear. I really need to find out how this can be possible at all. 
I follow the vampires onto the porch and I’m greeted with a smile that comforts me. Even though Edward and I have this conflict I still feel like Esmé is the only mother in my life. And I know she feels the same way, though she doesn’t say it. 
‘Oh dear, I missed you!’ she whispers softly, wrapping her arms around my small frame into a cold hug that makes me feel her motherly warmth. When Esmé lovesm she loves dearly and when there’s a need for, momma lion will do anything to save her cups. And not to forget her grandcups. Or something like it. 
‘Believe me,’ i whisper back, my eyes closed to just enjoy this small moment where someone cares for me. I know everyone here does, but with Esmé it’s different. It’s probably indeed the mother job she took decades ago and never dropped even though times have been hard enough for her, ’I missed you too. Immensely.’ 
She pulls back and holds my shoulders at arm length, still smiling, ’How are my boys?’ 
We go inside and I’m glad for the distraction she gives me by talking to me, even though it’s unconscious. 
‘They’re great! Raven’s learning things really fast. It surprises me every day. Blaze is…coming around. Adjusting to becoming more open i think,’ I’m freaking proud of that little flame haired man ,’He’ll probably be speaking just as much as his brother soon I suppose!’ 
chuckling we stop in the kitchen and then I start to feel tense. He’s here and somehow I can feel it. It’s that pull again. That magnetic reaction we have every time we’ve been apart for too long. It gives me electric shocks in the tips of my fingers. I long for him and his presence alone. Just to be at his side again without fights, worry anger and these ridiculous situations we seem to get ourselves in. 
‘….see now she wants something. Very badly,’ I hear Jasper say too a mind I can’t read. Edward.
And then I realize that Alice is not here which means she knows something’s going to happen. Otherwise she would have been here and we would have gone upstairs so I could try my dress. And the second thing is that Edward reads jasper’s mind. And jasper reads my feelings. So Edward feels what I feel, through jasper. 
The two come into the kitchen as Esmé makes me tea, lieks he always does when i visit, and my heart stops a beat.
And as I look at his pale face that looks tired for someone that doesn’t even need sleep I sigh. He belongs with me. It’s that feeling again indeed. Not just love. So much more than that. 
‘Hi,’ he croaks, his voice heavy, his eyes dark as they shift a few times before settling on mine.
And I’m so totally screwed here. Again.

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