Thunder Strikes

A year later, Edward and Melody are trying to keep their quite new relationship last. Unfortunately a few somebody's are getting in their way, tensing them up. In times of stress, fear, Joy and promises, the young couple needs to raise two toddlers and learn to be honest to themselves and each other.
And while Edward is distant for reasons Melody is not aware of a new attacker who is waiting for the right time to bite.

Will their bond be strong enough to survive? Or will the someone be able to break it?

Thunder Strikes is a sequel to Starless Sky and Moon Girl.

Get bitten and tag along!



This story is RATED 18+ / NC-17 which means the following:

- sex
- violence
- angst
- cursing


20. Thunder 19

After Raven and Blaze were awake enough, both wearing a sweater and Blaze had handed me his teat, Edward and I took them downstairs to the kitchen. My sisters were still discussing the move, but more specific on whom would take which room. I briefly wonde4red if they would spare one for me?
I sat down on my chair, the same one I’d been seated on earlier and positioned Blaze on my lap, sideways making his legs dangle over mine. Edward was next to me, having Raven sit on the seat next to him. Raven was thus developed that he was able to jump off the chair and climb back up by himself. I studied Edward’s serene face as he listened to Raven who was currently telling his dad about the last Cars episode on TV. Edward was looking completely relaxed, just as I did. it felt like our boys made us feel this way. It was kind of a “gentle” feeling.
‘I like Lightning McQueen best! He really fast too! Mack is old…’ the boy enthused swaying with his arms and making race car sounds with his voice. It was funny to look at and I giggled softly. ,’Look at your big brother being a little crazy. Are you crazy too Blaze?’ I cooed, nuzzling my nose in his bronze hair. Blaze shook his head with triumphant smile on his face and I laughed, ‘is Mommy crazy then?’ 
Again he shook his head, ’Mommy sweet!’ he exclaimed, hugging his tiny arms around my arm, which was holding him. I glanced at my sisters and moved my lips next to Blaze his ear,’ are you aunties crazy then, buddy?’ 
Blaze shook his head ferociously again, shy all of the sudden. He was trying to hide his face underneath my arm. 

‘Hmm…well I’m sure your Daddy’s crazy! Don’t you think?’ I tried for the last time, waiting for Blaze’s response. Carefully he peeked over my arm, not expecting Edward’s face very close to his.
‘BOO!’ my now carefree immortal boyfriend exclaimed. Blaze squealed loudly and hid under my arm again, nodding his head heavily. ‘Daddy crazy!’ 
We all erupted into a symphony of chuckles and even Raven did. I faced Edward grinning like the cat who ate the canary,’ See? Even your own son just confirmed it!’ 

Edward’s eyes shone with glee as he closed the distance between our noses. ‘Only for you my love, only for you.’ He remarked, quickly giving me a peck on my lips. I blushed furiously, not expecting it. Edward and I had never been affectionate of any kind in public. Well holding hands off course but that was about it. Layla was waggling her eyebrows at me, while Scarlett just about gloated. 

I concentrated on the young boy on my lap again and noticed he was busy on his own – Edward’s car keys were quite fascinating. I thought playing with car keys and other shiny things like bracelets and glasses stopped after a baby passed its first year. Off course, Blaze was only 1 year old officially, but his body and mind contemplated that of a three year old. I suspected that blaze just liked being on himself. I reached out to help my son fumble with the keys. I saw him smile and he grasped my finger. I grinned, kissing his unruly bronze hair. 

‘do you like playing with daddy’s keys?’ I asked. blaze turned his head and nodded ,’silver is pretty. Daddy car silver too.’ he exclaimed softly, his soft golden eyes trained on Edward’s key chains., where an “R”, “B” and “M” were hanging. The first letters of his loved ones names he’d once explained.
‘Daddy do you want to see my new drawings?’ Raven squealed, immediately jumping from the stool he was sitting on and running into the living room. Edward let out a wary chuckle and followed him.
I focused on the little red-head in my arms again and grabbed the steel colored “B” from the keychain. ‘Look,’ I said, holding it up while his tiny hands were still clasped around the key to the Volvo. ,’the letter B is from your name. Can you tell me your name?’ 
Every time in Seattle I tried to learn him words or to keep him talking in what way I could. Scarlett had been thinking he might be autistic in a slight degree but we were not sure. 

‘Blaze’, he said then, having yet difficulties with speaking the L, which ended up sounding like a W. I nodded at him, ’That’s right. This is the first letter of your name,’ I explained as a small frown appeared on his face. When he nodded a little later, he opened his mouth, wanting to speak looking at me as if asking for permission. I widened my eyes in and encouraging manner.
‘What letter are there after B?’ 
I smiled looking up at my sister who were watching us intently.

‘he’s at least asking things. That’s a good thing. Keep it going Mells.’ Were Scarlett’s thoughts towards me. 
‘hmmm….’, I acted as if I needed to think about it myself. Maybe then he wouldn’t feel like being bad at for not knowing the answer. ,’Well you start with the B and after that you write and L.’ I started, my head suddenly formulating an idea.
‘Hey Skye, could you throw me a paper and a pen?’
Skye smiled knowing where I was up to she made de block note and accompanying pen skid across the long table. 
I explained Blaze what I did and I let him hold the pen, clasping my own hand over his. 

‘Now, we’re going to write it down together okay?’ I saw him nod, ‘So first the B, like daddy’s keychain.’ I drew the B and he studied the moves we made curiously,’ then the L,’ I did the same with the left over letters, ‘Now the A, the Z and at last the E.’ 
When w finished writing the E, his name stood proudly and large on the paper. It was scrambly but it looked cute. 
‘That my name?’ he asked looking at it as his eyes shone with glee. He’d practically written it himself with a little help from me. I nodded enthusiastically. 
‘Yes my love, that’s your name.’ 

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