Thunder Strikes

A year later, Edward and Melody are trying to keep their quite new relationship last. Unfortunately a few somebody's are getting in their way, tensing them up. In times of stress, fear, Joy and promises, the young couple needs to raise two toddlers and learn to be honest to themselves and each other.
And while Edward is distant for reasons Melody is not aware of a new attacker who is waiting for the right time to bite.

Will their bond be strong enough to survive? Or will the someone be able to break it?

Thunder Strikes is a sequel to Starless Sky and Moon Girl.

Get bitten and tag along!



This story is RATED 18+ / NC-17 which means the following:

- sex
- violence
- angst
- cursing


14. Thunder 13

I waited anxiously and little feared for Edward’s arrival. I was anxious because how mad I ever was, I wanted to see him badly, but I feared how he might react to all of this going on. just when I sighed deeply, I heard the Volvo approaching, the engine being turned off shortly after. 
I waited tensely for him to knock on the front door. three knocks like always. 
When the three quick rasps sounded against the door I stood up from my chair in the kitchen, walking past Charlie who was just ending the phone call with a relieved grin, and entering the hallway to open the door. And there he was. despite my musing about him still being angry and our fights the whole time I sighed feeling safe again. He was my safe haven. Droplets of rain fell out of his unruly hair, his pale face glooming in the moonlight. His lips were set in a straight line but I could see the vague hint of a smile tug at the corners. When I reached his eyes I remembered again why I fell in love with him so much. He might not believe to have a soul but I could look straight at it, through his eyes. 
‘Hi,’ he whispered, his golden gems getting narrowed as he winced. I could see then, that he felt guilty and found it hard to stay mad at him. 
‘Hi,’ I breathed, my eyes searching his face for any hints on anger or a tense jaw. His jaw though, was perfectly angled as always though. I stepped backwards, enough to let him inside and he walked past me into the hall. He took his jacket off, hung it on the peg and looked at me then. I stood a little awkward at the door, socks with colorful dots on my feet. 
‘I brought you something. I hope you won’t get mad at me again since that’s all I make you do lately…’ his voice trailed off in a barely audible whisper. He seemed to distance himself from me again and I felt a dry sob get stuck in my throat. Of course he heard it. 
‘Melody I’m sorry for behaving the way I do. I know I told you the same last night but…’he faltered again, his eyes avoiding my gaze, ‘I’ll get through this I promise. We’ll get through it. together.’ 
I nodded vigorously. We needed to – he promised to never leave me again. 
We were silent for a minute or two and I felt uncomfortable beneath his intense, guilty gaze, ‘Let’s get to the kitchen. It’s a little drafty in here.’ I mumbled, shuffling past him in the direction of the kitchen a.k.a. dining room. I heard his feet following me, though the sound was faint. My hearing had improved quite some after giving birth to my boys but it wasn’t even close to a vampire hearing. In the kitchen, Charlie was scribbling hastily on a notepad, his brow furrowed. Edward halted behind and I knew why – he didn’t want to make Charlie hate him more than he already did. if that was possible. 
‘plastering….oh and brushes….probably some paint trays too? tape perhaps so the paint won’t hit the window frames and other things…..’ his mind was busy formulating all the items he needed. I assumed it was for the move to the old forester’s house. ‘..I forgot something….I need it….wallpaper…wallpaper….ah! wallpaper paste!’ 
I tried not to giggle and cleared my throat. Charlie looked up questioningly but his facial expression changed when he saw Edward. his brown eyes became darker and his pupils small beads.
‘Dad please?’ I asked, my voice a little desperate. Charlie was still staring hard at Edward and through his minds-eye I saw my favorite vampire was frowning slightly, not even looking at my father. I discretely touched his wrist and his attention sprung back to the here and now immediately. His face looked as if he could’ve been blushing. 
‘Chief Swan. I appreciate it that I’m allowed to visit earlier tonight.’ Edward said, formality coloring his tone. I rolled my eyes when Charlie grumbled, ‘Well I’m not doing that for you.’ 
He knew damn well Edward could hear. His mind reading skills were still secretive – so were mine to Edward. But he didn’t want to know about that.

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