Dark Side

Harry Styles was the poster boy for being a bad boy. He gets in fights,
gets drunk and sleeps around. But, when he meets Claire, will he
change all that for her?


4. Trouble

I pulled away from Harry and grabbed my phone from him, hoping he didn't get his number in yet. But from the beep of his phone, he did.

I sighed and started walking away, "See you later Claire."

"I certainly hope not." I called back

He just laughed


Why did he have to pick me to prey on. I wanted nothing to do with him. Or at least that's what I'm telling everyone, even myself.

Already I felt heavily attracted to Harry, which couldn't be good

I was just hoping Anna was home, but that was a big hope. I knew she most likely wouldn't be home for a day or two. She might find someone else to sleep around with


When I got back to the apartment, I heard something from inside. I slowly opened the door and saw Anna and Zayn naked on the couch. "Come on really guys! Anna, you have a bedroom."


Anna popped up, her eyes wide, "Claire, you're home..."

"Yeah, but I wish I wasn't."


Suddenly Zayn got a text he stood up and walked over to me, naked, "So you're the Claire Brondage?" He emphasized the

I nodded slowly, "How do you know me exactly?"

"Harry just text me. He has his eyes on you."


I scoffed, "Well tell him I am not interested at all and he can go fuck off."

"You owe him one Claire. He saved your life."

"No, he saved me from rape. I would've lived." Zayn rolled his eyes and walked closer to me


I looked over at Anna, she looked really confused


"Listen, Claire. Harry actually likes you, but I'm warning you he doesn't take rejection very well." He sounded very serious

"Well he can grow up and deal with it."

Zayn shook his head, "Harry's not a quitter." He turned back to Anna, "We should continue this again some time. Here's my number." He said and wrote his number down


He flashed Anna a grin and left


Anna dragged me over to the kitchen, "Who is Harry?"

"Harry Styles. He's just someone that was at the club." Her face paled

"Stay away from him Claire."

"Why?" I was really surprised she thought she could tell what to do

"He's dangerous. Part of some gang. Do not go near him."


I stood up, "So is Zayn. I never said I was going to be a slut like you and sleep with him."

She looked away, looking hurt

"Anna, I didn't mean that."

"Yeah you did. It's true, but I like the way I feel when people willingly make love to me."

"I'm so sorry." I really didn't know what to say


"It's fine. But please tell me that you will stay away from Claire."

"I can try, but he won't give me much of an option. If he wants me, he will find me and get me. Anna I'm scared."

"I'm scared for you Claire."

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