Dark Side

Harry Styles was the poster boy for being a bad boy. He gets in fights,
gets drunk and sleeps around. But, when he meets Claire, will he
change all that for her?


3. Alleyways

When I got out of the club, I had no idea where I was to go.

I really didn't know the way home from the club. We had gotten a taxi and everyone knows not to take those alone. The drivers are usually like rapists and shit


So me being smart and not drunk at all.... I took a back alleyway that ran along the side of the club. I was walking and came to a stop because I heard something. I looked all around, snapping out of the little drunk phase I was in. So far, I couldn't see anyone


"Hey pretty lady, are you all alone?" I swallowed nervously and saw a man walking towards me

I backed up a little and ran right into a wall, "Please leave me alone mister."

"Call me Dale. We are going to get to know each other. Very well actually."

"Sorry mister. I'm really not interested." I said politely

He laughed, "Oh, I never asked." Dale pinned me up against the wall and kissed me. The kiss was really rough and disgusting. I didn't like this man at all.

I tried to push him off of me, but he was stronger and pushed harder on my wrists. A small yelp of pain escaped from my mouth


His hands started wandering up my shirt. He cupped my breasts. I fought back even more. I started kicking and moving my head


"Get off of her." Dale backed away a little and squinted to see who it was

But I knew who it was, it was Harry. Of course, just what I needed

"And what are you going to do about?"

"This." Harry punched him in the face, once. It knocked the man out, sending him to the ground, fast


Harry turned to look at me, I looked at my feet, "Thanks." I mumbled

"Anytime love." I quickly looked up, "Don't call me that."

He stepped towards me, our bodies really close, "I'll call you what I want to call you."

"Then I advise you pick something other than love." I retorted, making him smile

"And what would you do about it love?" I kneed him and stepped back, "That." I said smiling


Suddenly, very fast, he pressed me up against the wall and started searching for my phone. Of course I put it in my bra. "Now where is your phone Claire?"

I rolled my eyes and looked at my bra area. His smile widened as he reached into my bra and slowly pulled the phone out


"Please just hurry up Harry. I really want to leave."

"Not before we exchange numbers. We are going to need to keep in touch."

"Eh, maybe. Probably not. You're not my type, I like other people."

"Maybe you don't want me now, but you will want eventually."


I swallowed nervously, knowing that true. I already felt very attracted to him

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