Love at first sight❤

This story is about a 17 year old girl taj, she very shy which is weird cause she is pretty popular( well her best friend is, Jen) her friend Jen and her go to a party late at night. Taj doesn't really go out but it's been months since she had fun, and her parents aren't really around so she always has to go to school than take care of her little siblings, but while she is there she notices a new boy at the party. What will happen next READ TO FIND OUT


14. Cats out the bag

It was fun till Scott came up behind me pretty much trying to have sex with me infront of everyone..." No Scott no" I said pushing him off"why you never want you ever, I've tried and tried and tried and you still won't let me" " please just go with it" he said still trying " not Scott your drunk, and I said like last time I don't want to and I'm not ready" I said pushing him off harder "fine" he said walking away to the bar getting another drink.. I pushed it off and continued having lots of fun with my fans and friends and jaden... But than when the party ended Jen and justin left early to go back to the bus and go to sleep I was still looking for Scott and ja was helping me like always, thank I heard a moan in the trees I walked in thinking it was Scott it wasn't him it was a girl but she had her arms and legs wrapped around some guy but then I remember the clothes Scott was wearing and started to cry.. I say my boyfriend cheating on me.. The girl looked at me and pushed Scott off of her and Scott looked at me and looked at the girl than back at me relizing what he did to her and me.. I began to run to jaden and his car waiting for me, Scott was running after me yelling and calling after me. I started to pick up the pace ever second when I got to jadens car I got in put my seat belt on and told him to drive he say me crying my eyes out than looked back and say Scott running over than jaden slammed on the gas and drive back to the bus " what happened love" ja asked me " Scott cheated on me... Again" I told him whipping my tears away "what what do you mean again" he asked kinda angry " he's done it twice first with my old friend Kylie, and now a complete stranger" I told ja touching his hand " I'm so sorry love, I wish I was there to protect and help you, I never should have left you, this is all my fault your hurt" he said getting sad "it's not your fault ja, it's my fault for still being with him, nothing is your fault... And your here now" I said smiling and grabbing his cheeks and kissing him on the lips...

. Ja started to kiss back and than he took me to the back seat of his car and I put each leg on one side of him straddling him and my arms around his neck he had his hands on my back  kissing at me hard, he started to trace my bottom lip asking for entrance when I quickly let him in our tounges now dancing around each others mouth, I but at his bottom lip and he let go of our lips he started kissing down my neck leaving hickies down my neck i started to moan as he kept going, I started to kiss at his neck leaving kisses and hickies on his neck too as he moaned in my ear I interlocked my fingers in his hair as h grabbed at my butt soon making it a hot long makeout session.... "Ja we gotta go inside" I said after the kiss "okay let's go" he said getting out the car and helping me out too.. "You first love ill go In a little later that way nobody with think anything" ja said to me letting me go first " no I want us both to go together,, and tell everyone about us" I said interlocking my fingers with his. 

Me and jaden both walked in together as my mom and Jen looked wide eyed, I looked at jaden and he looked at me. "We tell them together" I told him "tell us all what" my mom and Jen asked at the same time "oh that Jen and jaden have been together for 3-4 days now, and that they are now making it official to the world that they are back together.. Because they loved and still do love each other " justin said walking out with a big smile on his face "how do you know justy" Jen asked justin "because for 3-4 months now I have been talking to both of them secretly and the both have and still do love each other and forgive each other... Ect ect" justin explained to my mom and Jen and my manager scooter(who wich was also Justin's manager) and all the other staff on the bus. "Is that true?" Everyone asked me and jaden "yes it's all true" me and jaden said looking at each other than back to everyone.

after the long conversations with EVERYONE me and jaden turned on my twitter turned on chatcam and did chats with fans.. Than after that I took photos of me an jaden together couple looking and out them on my twitter and Instagram tagging jaden in them all talking about how lucky I am to have an a sing boyfriend by my side and told my fans everything that they asked me and told the truth... Which took a long time... Some fans wrote hate about Scott and than some we're saying how hot and handsome jaden was and how me and him make a good coupe and started # a lot of things like:





and than:





and a hole bunch of other stuff, I felt sooo happy my fans liked jaden and were happy for me.i loved my fans cause without them I wouldn't be here right now. So I wrote on more thing on m twitter saying 'I love all my fans I'm so glad you guys stick up for me and I'm glad you all like jaden, I love you all so much I wouldn't be here without you all. Xx'  Than I closed my laptop and put on my pj's and so did jaden and we cuddled all night till we fell asleep

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