Don't You Remember Anything?

Niall Horan is Anne Mitchell's boyfriend; But after a heart breaking car accident, Niall lost some of his memory. He doesn't remember anything on his relationship with Anne and he doesn't even remember who Anne is. All he remembers is that he's friends with 4 best mates. He's succeeded third place in the X Factor UK and is in a band called One Direction. Will Anne and her bestfriend and the boys be able to help Niall back to his senses? Or would Niall forget all the things he did with her?


1. Chapter 1: Anne's POV (How I first knew One Direction)

Niall Horan of One Direction is my boyfriend. I am happy with him. If I have a problem, he's right there beside me. He's right there scolding me whenever I cry. He always tell me, "You should not cry. You're a strong girl, Anne."

My friends doesn't actually believe in us on our relationship. With Niall's busy schedule and mine too, they think it's over. All I have to say is they're wrong. Both of us find time to spend some time together. One week is equals to 4 meetings. Sometimes 5.

Answering a 'yes' to his question was the best thing I've ever done. He's the perfect guy for me. I love him and he loves me back.

I remember how I first knew One Direction.

Me and my family flew to London to visit my grandfather who is sick. At first, I didn't know that he's sick so I got mad at my parents for telling me this. They did not only tell me that we're visiting him but we're also moving to London with him.

Hearing the news sounded disappointing. I heard my dad say it to me in a sad tone though I don't know why. "What? Are you serious?" I snapped at him. He doesn't understand! If he does, then he should know that I don't want to leave the US and my school nor my friends.

I turned the volume of my iPod on high. I don't need to hear this. I don't need to hear them repeat every single word they will say. No, I'm sorry but I don't.

"Anne, can you even hear a word I'm saying?" my dad confiscated my iPod and I hated him for doing that. To be honest, I'm not really the girl who's very stubborn. I'm not the girl who doesn't pay any attention to what her parents are saying. I'm the girl whom you can call as fun, out-going, weird, kind-hearted and all the nice things they tell me. It doesn't sound real but it is.

My parents were glaring at me and I glared back. The three of us kept quiet for 3 whole minutes. I know my parents very well, if the room gets all silent like this one-whether it's awkard, cold or tense-they won't be the first one to break it off. So I started, "I'm not moving to London."

They stood there hands on my mother's waist, arms crossed on my father's chest. Then my mom told me why we're going to move to London. Why their tone was sad when they said it to me.

I got shocked. My favorite grandfather is sick. That is the reason why we're going to visit him. That is the reason why we're going to move there.

-:- -:- -:-

The day of our flight came and I sent one last text to all my friends here before taking off. 

The first week in London was absolutely fun. I spent most of my time playing chess with my grandfather, went shopping with my friend here (I met her at Starbucks. Her name is Kameron and I've been spending my time with her ever since I met her. She has bright blue eyes like the clear sea, tan skin, a heart-shaped face, she loves this band called One Direction and has a crush on a guy named Zayn Malik. She's also into fashion). Although I did not expect any of this to happen, it was actually fun.

The next two weeks got even better. Being with the people who are obsessed with One Direction was contagious. For the past few days inside or outside, I've been hearing my cousins and my friends talk about One Direction's upcoming concert tomorrow night.

"Eeeeeeeeep!" Kameron screeched looking at her phone. We were at a fast food restaurant talking about our plans for tomorrow. My parents allowed me to go out whenever I want on one condition: never leave grandfather's side when he needs me.

I drank my iced tea before asking her why. "One Direction's concert is tomorrow night! One Direction's concert is tomorrow night!" she repeated excitedly. I have no idea what's got into her. She jumped up and down like a little kid and when I stopped her, she made eye contact and grinned devilishly.

"You're... creeping me out. Stop doing that!" I exclaimed.

"Do you want to know what we're going to do tomorrow?" she asked, the grin on her didn't disappear.

"Wha- Oh no!"


"Kameron! No!"

She made those puppy eyes she's really good at. Damn. I hate it when she does that. Still, it didn't stop me from saying no.

"C'mon! Let's have some fun! Pwwwweeeease?" she made the puppy eyes again. I stuck out my tongue and turned my head away from her and replied no. She pouted. "Fine. If you're not going, then I will."

"But we have plans for tomorrow!" I reached for a fry and ate it.

"Yes we do! And this is our plan!" she finished eating her hamburger and tried to find something inside her bag. I just stared at her. Please don't show me it's the tickets. Please don't show me it's the tickets.

"Aha!" Too late. Guess what she's holding in her hand? Two VIP tickets for One Direction's concert tomorrow night. My jaw dropped. "Since when did you buy that? I was with you three days sraight!"

She giggled and handed me one ticket. I actually didn't take it but when she frowned and almost got up, I quickly snatched the tickets from her hand.

"I know! I bought this two weeks ago, silly. 3 days after I met you at Starbucks, I saw a poster saying that it's One Direction's concert in three weeks. I yelped and immediately called my dad to buy me one ticket for me. Then I suddenly remembered you and told my dad to buy one more. I got it when I got home."

I forgot to tell you. Her name is Kameron and I've been spending my time with her ever since I met her. She has bright blue eyes like the clear sea, tan skin, a heart-shaped face, she loves this band called One Direction and has a crush on a guy named Zayn Malik... And she's a millionaire.

I quickly thought of a good excuse. I told her I need to ask permission from my parents first but she surprised me when I heard her say "I got it all covered, darling. I asked permission to them..."


"Yesterday. You were buying clothes, right? I got my phone out and called them. A big hug would do for a welcome!" she teases.

"I don't even know One Direction!"

She practically screamed at me when I said that. This girl is going to give me an easy way to die.

"You don't know One Direction? Are you freakin' out of your mind? They sing cute songs! They're cute boys!"

"I get it! They're perfect!"


"I'm still serious you know. I don't know them until I heard you and my cousins scream excitedly whenever you hear One Direction... Especially from my cousins. You're not that excited but you're still excited."

She sighs and grabs my hand. "Honey -" she started, "if you're my friend, you should know that coming with me is a big favor. Please come with me tomorrow night. We have meet and greet passes. You can ask questions to them alright?"

I finished my hamburger and sighed, "Fine. I'll go with you."

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