Staying in the Dark

Ellie Marks has tried to stay hidden from society because she isn't
like them. She has powers that scare people away. When Ellie tries to
fit in, everything goes wrong. She meets One Direction and has to keep
them and her family safe.


7. I Know



She had said Ellie wasn't there right now.

Is this girl fucking crazy or something? Ellie's not there?


The she punched me.




Not at all like a girl. She wound up and hit me in my stomach


The bitch


I fell on the floor in pain


Suddenly I heard her fall to the floor with a loud thump.

She screamed and then the light bulb blew out, weird


The boys came rushing in and huddled around us


"Zayn? Are you OK?"


"Just peachy. But Ellie punched my in my stomach really hard."


Harry pushed me over, "And what the hell did you do to her?!" He screamed


I looked over at Ellie and saw her shaking and blood was coming out of her mouth. Like a lot of blood


"I didn't do anything, I swear."


"Sure." Harry said sarcastically




I fell into complete darkness but could still hear and feel everything


I could hear the boys talking and Harry blaming Zayn for my condition


The reason I was shaking and blood was coming out of my mouth was because I had fought back on the 'phase' thing and it was getting almost it's revenge


The phases are more like voices in my head that make me do things


The voices are always there, but only act sometimes


Finally the 'revenge' was over and I slowly opened my eyes and saw the boys gathered around me, including Zayn

I backed away a little


"What happened Ellie?" I looked at the floor and then at Zayn, "I'm so sorry." I whispered


Paul came running in and hugged me, "Ellie, you're OK. Thank the lord."

Zayn cleared his throat, "Real victim."


"Yeah, yeah." Paul said, waving his hand


"No really Paul, I punched Zayn in the stomach." Everyone gasped, "Told you so."


Paul looked into my eyes, "Yeah but I know why Ellie."


"No you don't." He gave me a small smile

"But I do." I broke apart from him and stood up, starting to pace


"How could understand how I have to hide? Paul, everyone hates me now. I'm apparently a murderer. I can't stand this life anymore, but there's no chance of me dying anytime soon."

Paul stood up and held my shoulders, he leaned in and whispered, "I'm one of you Ellie. I'm a Castor."


I stumbled back and fell, "You're lying." I whispered


He shook his head, "It's nice to finally meet you."


I started crying, "How could you be so happy about this curse Paul?!"

"It's a gift. We are special, embrace it."


"My parents are dead because of it."


"Every one of us had to make the ultimate sacrifice Ellie. My sister is dead because of this."

I stood up and hugged Paul, still crying, "I don't understand how I got out of the phase."


"You are a special kind of Castor. El, you are the one Castor that is born with the potential to bring down the whole planet by them self."




Someone cleared their throat, we both turned to the boys

The boys stood up, "Care to enlighten us on this?" Niall asked, making them all nod

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