Loved and lost


3. The hallway.

Walking off the bus I look at my schedule and find my home room number and make a quick dart in. My home room teacher hands me my locker number and lock so I got to my locker to unload my backpack a little. I open my book bag and as I'm putting my binders and folders and shit into my locker someone walks by and pushes me into my locker. I dropped my book bag trying to catch myself. I don't look back but I listen and I hear giggling. I force the tears away, zip up my book bag, close and lock my locker, pull down my sleeves and walk to 1st period. On my way there I get tripped but I don't fall I caught myself. I don't understand this. I haven't done anything to any of you people. I walk into 1st period and my teacher say that we can sit anywhere so I take the farthest seat back and pull a black pen and notebook out of my book bag, put it on the table and begin to draw. Class will end soon. 

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