Catch Me

This is a story about a girl named Mae who sleeps with a One Direction member and ends up pregnant. This is the story of the ups and downs of a teenager who's not only pregnant in high school, has a over controlling father, no mother, and a couple who want to take her baby along with the One Direction member in and out of her life. Who will catch this falling girl?


5. Zayn

Zayn's P.O.V.

I watched her drive away then jumped into my rental car. There was something about her that I couldn't explain. I could remember meeting her for the first time at the concert. Her dark red hair down in a mass of curls passing her shoulders and her makeup was so pretty with the thick liquid liner and the bright pink lipstick. She wore a cut up 1D shirt with leather leggings and combat boots. Her belly was showing and I noticed the sparkly belly ring sticking out. I could feel myself falling for her right then and there but I couldn't talk to her. She was so pretty.


She was attracted to Louis right off the bat. I watched them all night getting closer and closer then I could tell she fall for him. I almost warned her about the rumors of his breakup with El was false but something stopped me. I may look like tough to some people but it wasn't true. I hated conflict. I didn't want my mate to be mad at me so I kept my mouth shut as they disappeared down the stage hallway.


Little did I know that this innocent girl was going to lose it all that night. The second I found out that Mae was pregnant I knew I had to help her. In a way, I knew Louis was going to snap. I wish he didn't hurt Mae though. she still had bruise from where he grabbed her arm. I wish I could have protected her.


After Louis left, Niall and I have been trying to take care of Mae as much as we could. I went to her father about a week ago and told him that I would pay for everything he needed. The man looked at me with pure anger. He asked me if I was the one who did this to his little girl. I told him no but added that I just wanted to help her through this.


We ended up taking a walk through a near by park. We was awkward at first until he asked, "Why would you want to help my daughter?"


I pondered this thought for a couple minutes. Other than the reason of my strange attraction to his daughter, I did have another reason why I wanted to help.


"It was about a year ago when I was dating this girl. I loved her more than anything and I planned on spending my whole life with her. Then she got pregnant. I wanted to keep the baby but she didn't. She said that she had a whole future ahead of herself and didn't want to stick around to take care of a baby. She ended up getting an abortion then she left me. I wish I could have helped her more. I would have done anything for her. Louis is a stupid boy, Sir, and wont accept what he has done. I just want to help your daughter." I confessed.


He stopped in his place. He turned to face me. The anger in his eyes though seemed to melt away. Now I saw a different look on his face. He put his hand on my shoulder, "Thank you, Zayn. Someone needs to catch my daughter before she really falls. If I cant be there, I would be okay if you were.."


He was right about one thing. I will be here if Mae ever falls. I will always catch her... 

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